Obama: Do not underestimate Trump

Barack Obama warns Americans not to ‘underestimate’ Donald Trump in final interview

And yes, I know he didn’t mean it as a compliment but a warning. Yet underestimating Trump is just what liberals here on this board and across the nation have been doing throughout his campaign and since his victory.

I was guilty of it myself before he got elected. I really believed that he would cost the Republicans a decent shot at the Presidency. I certainly won’t underestimate him again.

I really don’t get the liberals. If they want to fight against Trump then, as Obama implied, they need to take him seriously. They laugh at him at their peril. They were so doubled up with laughter during the election that they didn’t realize he was screwing them until they felt the sharp pain in their ass.

Still, mock on, guys. It serves all of us on the right well. :slight_smile:

The problem most had wasn’t that they underestimated him, but that they overestimated him. A lot of people expected him to be a zero, but they failed to realize that he was in fact a negative of very large absolute value.

I don’t see much underestimation of Trump after the primaries were underway. More overestimating the voters, who were again overestimating Trump, as evidenced by the volume of “I voted for you, but I thought this childish twitter persona was a campaign strategy” and “I voted for you, but now the GOP is taking my health insurance, please stop them” sentiments.

Under estimating Trump was not the problem in the last election. Over estimating the voters is where the mistakes were made. Trump said many times that he could do almost anything and his voters wouldn’t sway. They are convinced that his billionaire status will rub off on them. Trump ran a good campaign by putting his energy where he needed it and by not overestimating the voters intelligence.

I find it very difficult to underestimate Trump, every time I think my opinion couldn’t get any lower he manages to drag it down even further.

Trump announced today that NATO is “obsolete,” contonuing to pave the way for a sellout to his Russian debtholders and a possible Third World War. I do not underestimate his ability to reduce Western civilization to cinders and kill my family.

Make no mistake, he’s the greatest threat to Western civilization since Stalin. I would not underestimate that.

Well, OK, but just because you asked so nicely.

The danger he poses to civilization cannot be overstated. He is more evil than Nixon, more corrupt than Reagan, dumber than W. He made a deal with another demon to gain the presidency in exchange for allowing the USSR to be rebuilt, first the Crimea, then the remainder of the Ukraine, then the Baltics…

Anyone who voted for this monster needs to know this will be on your conscience and for those who are of a religious nature, will be what you will be judged upon in your final accounting.

So, this goes on your permanent record? The really permanent one?

God: “Actually, Putin has made great strides in allowing religion to have a substantial influence on Russian lives. Did you know there’s a street in Bethlehem named after him? I got no problem with this.-Aight, I’m out. Peace-Big G”

I believe Obama meant “don’t underestimate the damage that a clown like Trump can do”, like turning America against Europe and for Russia. John Wayne Gacey was a clown, too.

It has nothing to do with partisan politics as you make it out to be, but America’s status as a nation. If a government that’s beholden to a murderous autocrat means more to you, just because it’s Republican, than an independent U.S., rock on. It serves Russia well.

Because Putin understands the value of opiates for the masses.

I don’t think it’s accurate to suggest that liberals were laughing at Trump – some were but the ones who were truly following the horse race realized that Trump had a chance to win and that the pysche of the electorate was such that he was to be taken quite seriously. Not expecting Trump to win is not the same as laughing and writing him off as a joke – even those of us who expected him to lose on November 8th expected him to be a factor long after the race was finished, whether it was contesting the results or forming Trump TV.

What’s more accurate, I think, is that liberals are themselves divided and not sure exactly what they want their identity to be, and partly because of that, they’re not sure how to respond to Trump. There’s no cohesive strategy. Even if his poll ratings were to plummet in a matter of weeks and months, there’s really no indication as to who would take the mantle in leading the charge against him. Would it be Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, or would it be the more mainstream Chuck Schumer wing of the party? Trump could conceivably fail and yet keep winning.

I concede that Trump isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer (no choice really!) But neither was Reagan and he proved to be one of the most popular and effective Presidents in US history. The US has a separation of powers. Even if Trump couldn’t find his ass with both hands (and he didn’t become a billionaire by accident) he has the restraints of the other branches to keep him in check. For all the hysteria about him he isn’t Hitler nor could he become a Hitler in the US. This is not Weimar Germany.

And as for underestimation I think you all underestimate how wily Trump can be. There are certainly things I could do without: his incessant tweeting on irrelevant minutiae, his constant misspelling (jesus, get a spellchecker already), his mercuriality (first Streep’s a great actress, then she’s overrated), and many more such idiocies.

But you know what? I can live with them all if it means that the policies I believe best for America and the West are enacted. There’s little point in having a suave and personable President if you believe he’s taking the nation in the wrong direction.

All we’ve seen and heard from Trump is the disqualifying characteristics and behaviour you’ve described. We’ve yet to see a single well defined policy that is “best for America”. Given this, what has he done so far to make you continue to want to give him the benefit of the doubt?

I agree that prior to his election, most people (including myself) underestimated Trump and didn’t think he had a realistic chance of winning.

But we’re not stupid. He won the election and he’s going to be President. I think most of us figured that out quicker than the people who voted for Trump. Judging from their comments, a lot of them thought they were “sending a message” rather than choosing a President.

Since then we’ve been predicting how Trump will perform as President. Considering that there have been several people who have raised the possibility Trump will initiate a nuclear war, I don’t think it can be said he’s being underestimated.

Reagan actually spent many years demonstrating that acting was not just his only skill. He was the Governor of California for two terms.

The closest guy to the inexperience and wealth Trump has was Herbert Hoover. It did not work as many wanted…

Congress is controlled by right wing extremists. And Trump will give them a Supreme Court molded to do their bidding.

Sure, a suave and personable president would be less effective on taking us in the wrong direction… Not.


An inexperienced, pigheaded and harsh one is more than ready to make it worse what the suave one.

I won’t comment on how effective the Reagan presidency was – I’m quite sure there’s a lot of disagreement on the topic.

But I do get a little tired of conservatives touting how popular Reagan was. According to Gallop Reagan had an average approval rating of 52.8. This places him sixth among the eleven Presidents ranked (Truman through George W. Bush). Kennedy, Eisenhower, George H W Bush, LBJ and Clinton all enjoyed higher approval ratings.

The right and the wrong directions are a matter of opinion, true? It will take years to undo the havoc the suave and personable Obama wreaked. In my opinion, of course. :slight_smile:

Well, regarding the ACA I would have to say that it saved my life. So I will be here to remind you of that inconvenience.