Obama, Muslim Brotherhood and $1.5 Billion: Fight My Ignorance, Please

I have a friend on Facebook whose feed has informed me of things I did not know about her before: she’s a birther, Republican, anti-gay, pro-breastfeeding, anti-“birth rape” advocate, pro-gun… You get the picture. Obviously over the last two weeks she’s been very pro-Chick-Fil-A and we’ve had some debates about her position on the issue vs mine. It’s been… informative.

Today she posted a graphic that (paraphrased) said if you boycott C-F-A for funding “hate groups” but support Obama, you’re a hypocrite because he has funded (to the tune of $1.5 billion) a group in Egypt called Muslim Brotherhood who don’t allow women out in public unchaperoned and who put homosexuals to death.

I know NOTHING about MB, their treatment of homosexuals (after Googling, I have the impression that they are very oppressive towards women), and most of all, Obama’s relationship with them and possible funding of them. The $1.5 billion showed up on countless blogs and news sources, but none of them were even pretending to be impartial and I couldn’t find a legit source for it.

What’s the truth here?

The U.S. funds Egypt to the tune of ~$1.55 billion, the great bulk of it ( ~1.3 billion ) military aid. They are the #2 recipient of military aid after Israel and have been for decades ( since 1979 ). As it happens U.S. aid in general is at its lowest since the beginning of the decade, mainly due to decrease in non-military aid. Basically in the mid-1970’s Egypt flipped from being a Soviet client to an American client and the U.S. has been propping the government up ever since.

The only difference now is that a MB member just won the presidential elections. But he is still relatively hamstrung by the not particularly subservient military, though for how much longer we shall see. And the military - surprise, surprise - are currently the very faction buoyed up by U.S. military aid which they most certainly control.

It’s baloney.
By the way, www.Politifact.com and www.Factcheck.org are pretty good at sniffing these out. Bear in mind that these sites (and cites) will not sway your friend’s opinions one iota.

Deluded bigots can sputter nonsense faster than it can be debunked. I think this may be a consequence of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Unless you think idiots can be educated, debunking their venom makes no more sense than filtering their diarrhea in search of gold.

Thanks everyone!

You speak the truth, but I don’t plan to argue with her on this. I just wanted to learn the facts behind it so I understood what it was really about.

Should I be afraid to ask what this is?

Is there someone that is actively ANTI-breastfeeding?

Kraft and Nestle

As I understand it birth-rape refers to how some women feel violated by invasive exams and lack of consent in episiotomy during hospital births.


Actually, unsurprisingly, Afghanistan has been receiving much more in military aid than either Israel or Egypt. Also, if you combine military and non-military aid, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Israel each currently get more aid than Egypt.

So, Egypt is the #3 recipient of U.S. military aid, and the #5 recipient of U.S. miitary+economic aid.

I think there are people who are very apathetic towards it, if not actively anti. In this case, I mean pro-breastfeeding as in: frequently posts links and info graphics from the shrill “everyone can breastfeed and there are no excuses and if you don’t you might as well feed your baby rat poison” breastfeeding advocacy groups. The fun squad.

You don’t have to “argue” to politely indicate your disagreement with her, and explain why. Otherwise, she might think you agree. Silence = assent for far too many people.

I’d like to get a little paragraph together for my loon Facebook friends like that that says: 'Ya know, you are right about all that stuff. Sixty years ago, (somebody important) developed the plan. We picked an unknown American man (Stanley) to ‘give birth’ to the hand picked Kenyan boy, stole a SSnumber, raised him in our hidden re-education camps, bought him the finest education money can buy, installed him in office, all to ruin America. Don’t think you can fight this or else we’ll get you, too!

How can I improve my narrative?

I think you need to add :
“This is an ongoing project to continue to control America. Regardless of your political party, we continue to plan and hand raise each winning president for future elections.”

Point out to your friend that mothers of rich kids like Romney are far too haughty to breast feed, while a poor mother like Obama’s certainly had to breastfeed Barack. This will certainly affect their development & character, so she should vote for Obama.

Ought to get an interesting rise out of her.

Really? All that planning and the best name you could come up with was Barack Hussein Obama? Was Mussolini Stalin Hitler already taken?

Remind your friend that, by her [il]logic whenever she buys something made in China or Vietnam she is helping to finance communism. And good luck trying to access Facebook without using something that was made in China or Vietnam.

Don’t forget to mention the Black Panther Communist handpuppets used to feed the kid, like the condor puppets they use to feed hatchlings in zoos

My new plan is to advise everyone like this that I come into contact with that Paul praised the Bereans because, when hearing someone preach, they went home and read the gospel to be sure that what was said was true. That perhaps they should emulate the Bereans by going home and researching whether or not the wild claims they are told are, in fact, true.

That one of the biggest sins in the entire gospel, railed against by pretty much every prophet, disciple and Jesus himself, was being a liar, slanderer and rumormonger. That they should consider this before they spread stories that appear be intended only to cause fear and hatred, and to tear someone down.

“If you can research something, and prove that it is true, I will listen. But if you spread lies and slander that I can easily prove are not true, then I know who you are.”