Obama: The musical

Oh yes, it’s happening.

It’s a Kenyan production. I know nothing about musicals at the best of times, but can anyone here say: are Kenyan musicals any good? Will this one be? Could there be a US version (and I mean soon, not fifty years from now)?

Any thoughts?

Could be worse. TYLER PERRY’S OBAMA STARRING TYLER PERRY perhaps, or Oliver Stone’s H.

Or Rice and Lloyd Webber- opening number:
"Now Barack Hussein
had every disadvantage you need if you wanna succeed
no money no class
no father no bright lights
he’d been abandoned by two Muslim dads by the age of fifteen
as this Weatherman found out—

William Ayers-

who has the distinction of being the first leftist radical to be of use…

to Barack Obammmma…"

Other songs include ANOTHER LUAU IN ANOTHER COAST, ROLLING ON OUT ON THE RIVER (in which Michelle says “but Barack and Michelle never do anything nice… and easy… and there’s never been a fund like the Foundation Barack O-bam”), WALTZ FOR OBAMA AND PALIN, and DON’T CRY FOR ME MCCAIN-PALIN.

From “Don’t Quit Your Night Job,” a monthly Broadway improv/sketch show, Norm Lewis as Barack Obama in ‘Change: The Musical’.
(YouTube link)

It’s not much to go on, but given that the average age of the cast is 21, the running time is one hour, and the score consists of pre-existing songs, I’m guessing it’s more community theater than Broadway caliber. But as a fan of and participant in community theater, I say more power to them.