Obama vs. Trump - Any overlapping opinions?

I can’t think of anyone who would be in the other group, i.e. love Obama and love Trump.

“out there” there are certainly those people. There were a significant number of voters who voted for both Obama and Trump.


However, the SDMB might not be the best forum for soliciting opinions from those people.

They both liked sending troops into Afghanistan

But has he? Or is this more of the typical Trumpist declaration-as-proof?

I guess that depends on whether Reagan was a modern Republican. Clinton had a 6 point lead in union households over Trump; Carter had a 3 point lead in union households over Reagan. I guess the lesson is that union households rather like Republicans with a background in the entertainment industry.

I don’t believe Obama ‘liked’ it so much as didn’t have much choice. Hell, to give the devil his due, I doubt Trump likes it much either and if he could I’d say he’d pull US troops out of just about everywhere, since he clearly doesn’t think the US should be spending resources on any foreign adventures and doesn’t seem to know or care much about international politics or US foreign policy.

President Kanye West?

ETA: additional info

He may bring manufacturing back to the US. He may get a deal with North Korea. If he is able to get similar minded politicians elected in November, he may get Washington passing legislation rather than being stagnant.

He’s fighting for the rights of rich coal company owners. Not the employees. And definitely not unions.

I’m sorry…am I miscounting the number of Republicans and Democrats in Congress? I was under the impression that the Republicans had a majority in both houses.

Of course not. As you and others have pointed Trump did not get a majority of the votes cast. In addition, only 62% of eligible voters voted in 2008 so Obama didn’t get a majority of the votes he could have. Turnout was lower in 2012.

Will those be union jobs, with union wages and union benefits?

Kim is going to hoodwink Trump so easily. No deal, more nukes.

Why is Washington stagnant?

Insert witty retort containing “monkeys”, “flying” and “my butt” here.

Dude, seriously. Trump’s not going to get a deal with North Korea. You wanna know why? Because North Korea regards “deals” the same way Trump views deals. That is, a good way to get the other guy to do something for you, and then when your turn comes to do your part you stiff him. You can’t make a deal with North Korea as the past 30 years of North Korean deals have shown. You can’t make a deal with Donald Trump as the past 30 years of Donald Trump’s life have shown.

He’s going to bring back manufacturing? How’s that going to work again? Tax cuts for the super-rich are fine and good, but how do they bring back manufacturing? Is it going to happen through tariffs? Trade wars are easy to win! And besides, manufacturing in the United States is bigger than it’s ever been. It hasn’t actually declined! We still make all kinds of manufactured goods here! What’s declined is not manufacturing, but manufacturing JOBS. Factories in the US produce more goods than ever, but with a fraction of the employees they had in the 60s and 70s.

And the most laughable part, getting similar minded politicians elected in November so that he can get legislation passed for once. Dude, what party controls the House right now? What party controls the Senate? What party controls the White House? You think the Republicans are going to pick up more seats in the House in 2018? It’s pretty likely they’ll be able to keep hold over the Senate, but how are they going to hold the House? And if they, by some miracle, manage to hold the House, how is that different than April 24, 2018? You know, today?

He may sprout wings and fly…

Except that he has one attribute that will turn off a lot of Trump voters.

Yes, Trump won a minority of the popular vote, but he still managed to flip states. Here in Ohio for instance, the majority supported Obama in 2008 and 2012, but Trump in 2016. And, yes, that’s partly explained by who turned out, but not completely.

You may not have noticed, but a majority is no longer sufficient to get most legislation through the Senate.

I assume you mean race? I don’t know how you’d define “a lot”, but we’ve already discussed how something like 9% of Obama’s voters are also Trump voters. I suspect the vast majority of Trump voters are thrilled with Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, and in my Congressional district, Republicans enthusiastically support Mia Love. I suspect given the choice between Mia Love and Joe Biden for President, for example, that the vast majority of Republicans would choose Mia Love.

Then Trump isn’t very good at getting legislation that is acceptable to both sides.

Goodness! I wonder what horrible people started THAT trend…