The glory of the Donald

It makes my day to get to come on here and see all of you stupid liberals triggered. Cry. Your tears feed the working class.

Because making people cry and making people you don’t like suffer are what Trump and his supporters are all about.

But it’s not a very good way to run a country.

Ah he so cute… can we keep him? Who’s a good boy then? Come on fella , catch the ball.

Fucking troll.

Oh, bully for you, what a big strong man you are, your team won.

You get that this isn’t a football game, right?

However, regardless of the Troll Op, Is Trump really seen as a working class hero? Or a retard hero?

Who are you, exactly?

How did the (supposed) billionaire son of a millionaire New York real estate developer become the champion of the working class? What has he ever done to improve the lives of the working class? His casinos target poor people. His so-called university ripped people off. Certainly they can’t afford apartments or hotel rooms in his buildings.

Let’s not forget he outsources with the best of them and uses undocumented workers to build his projects using Chinese steel.

Your betters will still be your betters. I realise there is a yuuge correlation between having the illusion of control and happiness. You exerted your tiny bit of control and I expect you will choke on it.

And it’s all downhill from there? Sad!

At least something will feed them after they lose their jobs to China. What possible motivations would Trump have to stop the outflow of manufacturing?

That’s pretty much all they’re going to be eating soon enough. All those lost manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back, Trump has no coherent plan to replace them, and what economic policies he has proposed will lead to more regressive tax policies, higher cost of goods, and higher interest rates. Won’t affect me that much. I’m a wealthy white guy. My wife is brown, but also wealthy so she’s probably OK. My in-laws and brother are holding on by their fingernails, though. They’re pretty much fucked. My other brother is also fucked because his health care will probably go away. But he’s also got terminal cancer, so he may die before the rug gets pulled out from under him. I’m too old to go to war, and my kids are too young, so when Trump decides to invade Iran or whoever, it will mostly be a spectator sport for me. The working class people who join the military out of lack of other viable options are going to take the brunt of that one too.

Ah, what do I know? I’m an elite.

It’s not about helping them, it’s about hating the same people they hate.

Yeah, nothing there about policy, or actions, or making America great again; the vote for Trump was a triumph because it hurt people you don’t like.

Do you understand that you’re getting your talking points from Eric Cartman?

And how did this thrice-divorced vulgar man appeal to evangelical Christians? Edited to add, how did the draft dodger appeal to veterans? Plus, usually when someone takes a high public office such as this or Secretary of the Treasury or Fed Chairman, his/her assets are put in a blind trust so to avoid the appearance of impropriety. How is that possible when his name is all over his businesses, and in fact his name is a big chunk of his net worth?

Seriously, I have a lot of questions about how this is all going to work.

Evangelicals care about abortion. Everything else is just noise.
As I understand it, the blind trust thingy is a tradition. Just like releasing tax returns.

I read about his plan just yesterday. He’s going to put his whole business in a blind trust run by his kids.

Yes, I know.

You might wish to re-consider some of your closely held core values, lest you continue the march to oblivion 4 years hence.

Well, it’s less important that you or I reconsiders our closely held core values (BTW, aren’t all core values closely held?) than that the two parties reconsider everything.

The Democratic Party needs to think about why they were abandoned by white working-class voters. And they’ve been reliant on union members, but that is less and less of the population, so they need to broaden their base.

And the Republican Party needs to think about why and how an outsider hijacked their party. Very few of their major backers and very few leading Republicans supported him.

Perhaps this is the opening for a new party? Seems like a crazy idea, but this election was a game changer.