Obama vs. Trump - Any overlapping opinions?

From what I know about American politics, it is very polarized. You either like Obama and hate Trump or the other way around.
Personally, I liked Obama as a person. He seems to be a nice guy, very caring and smart. Mind you, that doesn’t always make the best leader.
Trump seems like an absolutely detestable ass. But, I am willing to concede that his leadership skills, though very unconventional, might be effective long term.
I wonder if there is any out there who likes both presidents or hates both of them.
I am interested in any opinions about who is the better president.

Trump’s leadership skills are extremely and stereotypically conventional. It’s just not by the same convention as previous presidents. If you look at how Joseph McCarthy and Adolf Hitler handled things, Trump is the same old shit. See “demagogue”. Lots of German people supported Hitler because he was going to clean up the country’s politics and make Germany great again.

There have to be some folks who like both, or one or the other wouldn’t have been able to get elected. I’ve never met any of them, though.

Lying thin-skinned braggadocios conman is an unconventional leadership style?

Both Obama and Trump ran on a platform of “change” in 2008 and 2016, respectively, or at least represented “change” to their supporters.

Both Obama and Trump have been bombing ISIS, etc. (Just like almost any POTUS would)

Trump is one of the more pro-labor-union Republicans, and Obama probably no doubt supported labor unions.

Good point but voting for someone and liking them can be two different things. Often, it is just choosing the best of the worst. Trump ran against Clinton and she was not popular.

Point taken but in my 54 year life, I have not seen it taken to such a depth. For those Americans who think Trumps behaviour is normal for a leader, I feel sorry for you.

Leadership skills?

I’m not seeing that.

ETA, did you mean impulsive, irrational and immature?

Well… Trump supports blue collar guys in a different way than Obama did. Obama did so by promulgating regulations on workplace safety and whatnot. Trump talks about how awesome coal and steel are.

This may be due in a large part to people who

  1. liked Obama but weren’t motivated to vote in 2016
  2. didn’t vote in 2012 but were energized by Trump
  3. Liked Obama but hated Hillary so much that they decided to vote for Trump out of spite.

I imagine that the overlap of people who were enthusiastic Obama supporters but are no enthusiastic Trump supporters is pretty small.

Where is there evidence for Trump being pro-union?

Too late to edit, should be “were enthusiastic Obama supporters but are now enthusiastic Trump supporters” :smack:

One of the paragraphs near the end of this article points out that Trump’s approach was almost unprecedented for a modern Republican - going to labor union members and fighting on their behalf.

No, Not so much.

I’m betting on Obama for a TKO on Trump within ninety seconds of the first round. Definitely not worth the Pay-Per-View on ESPN+.


Why, specifically, do you think that (emphasis added)?

I’m betting it’ll be a win for Obama by forfeit. Trump’s too big a coward to step his fat orange ass into a ring.

I definitely fit into the mold of liking Obama (voted for him twice) and detesting Trump (wouldn’t vote for him if this was a North Korea style system). I didn’t always agree with everything Obama did. He made plenty of mistakes, IMHO. But he was a very good president overall. Trump is an ass, and and ineffective and clueless one. To me, the few times he’s done something right have been almost by accident…and they have been few enough to make the blind squirrels and acorns thing a reality.

As to who is the better president, it’s hard to even see a comparison, to be honest.

Does that mean that he forfeits the presidency? ‘Cause I’m perfectly happy to take odds on Obama vs. Pence, too.


Well, there is a certain segment of Republicans who were and still are Never Trump-ers. Their numbers were, of course, larger during the primary campaign, but there are still a few knocking around. They would have been no fans of Obama during his administration.

Maybe “hates both” is too strong, but I think they qualify based on the OP.