If Trump Really Is Hitler...

Talk of fascism, internment camps and the similarities between Hitler and Trump has been part of this election. It has only become more intense after Trump won. It seems there’s a very vocal group that really believe America in 2016 isn’t all that different than Germany in the 30s.

Suppose for the sake of argument these people are correct. Trump is Hitler, Bannon is Goebbels and uneducated white males are Nazi party supporters. Now what? I don’t see the modern day equivalent of the gritty men who opposed Nazi Germany. Who will oppose this guy? And how?

I see no Churchills, no FDRs. I seriously doubt the soft handed effetes who bow so enthusiastically to PC culture will make decent soldiers. Are Twitter wars or violent protests going to be an effective form of resistance?

I’m genuinely curious to know what the people who are convinced Trump.is a fascist are going to do to fight back.

You know Churchill and FDR were heads of state in other countries, right?

For your parallel to hold the ‘gritty men’ to oppose the American Fuhrer and his evil acolytes should be foreign leaders. That can’t happen because the US is the most powerful country on the planet, which Nazi Germany never was. So if Trump is Hitler then we’re all doomed, doomed I tell you.

But of course he isn’t and those screaming fascist forget the strength of the US Constitution, which Republicans have great affection for. Democracy will survive, this isn’t the Weimar Republic, ready to fall over at the first gentle breeze.

One thing though, perhaps Trump will make the trains run on time.

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Other countries to which country ?
Kinda like those fake surveys that alarm American teenagers think Genghis Khan won WWII.

Actually after Brexit and the Trumping down of America, Angela Merkel is arguably the new leader of the free world. At least the most influential in diplomatic terms more so than military.

So ironically, or fittingly depending on how you look at it, Germany would play a major role if not the lead in opposing a new Hitler.

Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany. Churchill and FDR were the Prime Minister and President of the UK and the USA, respectively. Rather astonished you didn’t know this.

Sure do big guy. Do Trudeau and Merkle have the skills to act like statesmen? Are today’s Germans and Canadians as hardy and ready to fight as their predecessors?

Sure why not? But I don’t think it’s going to come to that, do you?

If you understand Brexit and Trump as a rejection of globalism, then the lady who is allowing her nation to be inundated by people from a very foreign culture can hardly be called the leader of the free world.

I don’t think Trump is the new Hitler, but I’m curious to know the minds of those who do.

But if Trump were Hitler, I do lack confidence in Trudeau and Merkle being the equals of FDR and Churchill, or in modern Canadiens and German having the mettle of being effective soldiers as were earlier generations in each nation.

YOU said FDR was head of state in another country to America.

In your first post.

I understand Brexit and Trump as events that left Merkel the most influential leader in the western world and the most likely to initiate action against your hypothetical new Hitler.

Why are you asking who would oppose a Trumpler if what you really want to do is argue about immigration and globalism?

After 15 years of war, a strong reliance on foreign trade and lots of countries holding US debt we aren’t in a position to go rugged individualist. Alienating ourselves from all our allies and then winding up at war with anyone like China or Russia would likely lead your Trumpler to an end similar to the one Hitler met.


FDR was head of state in this country.

The allies need the US far more than the US needs them. Believe me, they just cannot afford to be alienated. As for China and Russia, Trump is very much a pragmatist and will work with them far more smoothly than Obama managed to.

Leaders of other countries (apart from the Soviet Union, and even despite the public agitation for Popular Fronts against Fascism, on the quiet, the USSR did find some dealings with the Nazis convenient long before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) did not oppose Hitler until several years into his rule, once it was clear that he was serious about the international ambitions in Mein Kampf. Even then, public opinion in the western democracies remained divided about joining in the race to war.

Anyway, Trump is no Hitler, or even a Mussolini. He has a bundle of prejudices, which is not the same as consistent policies and intentions, let alone the competence to manage their development and application.

Because I want to talk about who would oppose the new Trump and how. Immigration and globalism came up within that discussion. Try to keep up.

So China and/or Russia would stop Trump. Much more realistic than anybody in the West doing it.


Read the OP. It’s about treating the US as an analog to Germany. And FDR and Churchill were the lead of countries other than Germany.

So, obviously, the Churchill and FDR analogs must be from outside the US for the analogy to work.

And, yeah, Trump isn’t Hitler. It’s just that he’s the closest the US has had. The fear isn’t yet that Trump leads to a Nazi US, but that we’ve normalized a lot of stuff that should have been off limits. A database of Muslims is rather scary.

Seriously. The thread is about Donald Trump, who is president-elect of the U.S., the same country Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president of from 1933-1945.

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If it gets that bad? Every nation with nuclear weapons. By either making the US back down, or taking the US with them in a nuclear holocaust.

I would suggest that the second amendment is an equal opportunity amendment. Its not just there for white rednecks. It was placed in the constitution precisely to prevent and fight tyrannical government. “Power to the People!”