I was at the bookstore tonight, casually reading a magazine in the periodicals section when a mother and elementary school aged daughter passed by and I overheard their conversation.

D: Mommy mommy is that Obama on the cover of that magazine?

M: Yes honey.

D: Does that mean he won the election?

M: No dear the election isn’t until Tuesday.

D: Oh. Well I’m voting for McCain.

M: Heh. Are you?

D: Yes, who are you voting for?

M: I’m voting for McCain honey. I don’t want the world to end too soon.

me: :eek:

I thought we wanted the world to end soon what with the End of Days and the Flinging of the Unbelievers into the Firey Pit.

That reminds me of my Nanny days.
It was the Bush/Gore election day, and the kids were in the back seat of my car. I think I had just picked them up at school. They were about 4 and 6 years old at the time. The older one asked who I was voting for.
I knew their parents leaned VERY far right, and since I liked my job, I usually didn’t discuss my politics.
But, I was brave, and said Gore. Then the 6 year old says, " I am voting for Mr. Bush, because he doesn’t like to kill babies like Mr. Gore does". UGH. :smack:
I just said, “Uh, I don’t think Mr. Gore LIKES to kill them either”, and left it at that.

As I said I liked my job, and it paid well. I worked there for another 6 years and through one more election, but at times it was hard. I wonder what kinds of things they are saying now. They are 12 and 14 this year.

One of my coworkers told me this one day this week: His wife works at a hospital here. One of the female doctors was doing the carpool thing one day this week. When she went to pick up the kids from school in the afternoon, one of the neighbors’ daughters was crying. Dr. says “what’s wrong honey?” “I DON’T WANNA MOOOOOOOOVE!!”. “What are you talking about?” “DADDY SAID IF OBAMA WINS WE’RE MOVING OUTTA THE COUNTRY AND I DON’T WANNA MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!”.

The Doctor thought to herself “Well I hate to tell ya, I think you’re moving”. But she said nothing.

I swear, the things people say in front of their kids!

In the 2004 election I did cold calling to registered Ohio voters for MoveOn.org. Got one voter who said she was undecided because if she voted for Kerry it would mean the loss of her immortal soul.

I’m all astonished that, in light of that assessment, she’s identifying as an undecided voter ?!?? What kind of political sales pitch do you give her? :eek:

Well, M is obviously not a true Christian, because everyone knows the Fundies absolutely can’t wait for the End Times… :stuck_out_tongue:

Our local weekly independent newpaper ran a letter to the editor that was sent in by a local dutch couple which compared Hitlers pitch to return economic prosperity on the eve of his election to our current situation, and warning of the dangers of Obama. Words fail.