Obama's locked up the zombie vote (not a political thread)

From Jake Tapper’s Political Punch blog:


Does nobody care about the coming zombie obamapocalypse? Look alive, people!

I though the zombies were going for Gore.

When I saw this button, I knew something was up with the undead…

Show some respect. They’re not zombies, they’re Underworld-Americans.

I’m pretty sure Duke Phillips has wrapped up the zombie vote.

I am totally throwing a ‘Braaains for Obama’ Halloween party.

Wow, for once Biden knew when to stop talking. :smiley:

I buy the OP. Being from Chicago, Obama must have learned to work the dead. When Dakin Williams, Tennessee’s brother, was campaigning for governor of Illinois he campaigned in graveyards because, he said, that’s where the votes in Chicago were.

Support Obama. Kill a Republican.

I can see the bumper stickers now.

ah crap? who gave zombies the right to vote?! They’ll destroy our society! Soon men will be marrying men and having sex with sheep while watching Roseanne and getting a pedicure by a big black dude name Sue.

(though when you think about it, that’d be a pretty big accomplishment…)

But then we’ll have zombie republicans, and who will they vote for?

Wouldn’t you want to try looking dead so the zombies won’t notice you? (Hey, it worked in Shaun of the Dead.)

What I want to know is what are the voter eligibility rules for zombies. I mean, you have to be a US citizen to vote, which means either being born here, or being naturalized at some point.

So for a zombie, do they just have to die on US soil? If not, do they have to be citizens before they die or can they be naturalized (er, “un-naturalized”?) afterward?

These are important concerns. We don’t want another repeat of 2000, with hanging eyeballs instead of hanging chads!!

Obama, obviously. According to the OP, zombies lean a little to the left.

Or is that because their legs are rotting? :slight_smile:


Well played. :slight_smile:

Oh my God…the dead have risen and they’re voting Republican!

They went with Eisenhower after Goldwater and Reagan split the conservative zombie vote.