Why do you idiots think Obama has a chance?

(Semi-parody thread, but have your fun)

What on earth would make you want to vote for Obama? Or make you think other people are?

Enjoy the dream while it’s alove, but come November 5, Obama will be just another face.

I don’t get it.

It’s just because he’s black. All the white people will vote for McCain.

umm… okthxbye?

Count me in as another who doesn’t get it…

Analyses like this one, showing Obama well ahead in the Electoral College, based on recent polls.


Parody - [please insert relevant Princess Bride quote]

The right wing girls I work with were in full fury (when not moping) this weekend.

They said that everyone who votes in this election should be checked to see if they have ever voted before, and if they have not, then they should not be allowed to vote this time!

He’s not a Republican!

There is a thread somewhere in GD titled something like, “Seriously, why would anyone vote for McCain”. It’s buried now and I can’t find it. Plus, this board is chockfull of McCain-is-toast type threads.

But. . . we idiots think Obama has a chance because, as the polls stand now, he’s in the lead. So, there’s that.

Maybe they’d like to make sure their great, great, great grandparents were eligible to vote as well.

Well, my wife’ll kill me if I don’t.

Lemme asplain … no, is too complicated.

Lemme sum up. United States is elect a president in leetle under haffa month…

Ah. Okay. I thought it was just a stand alone thingie here.

I get it now. Carry on.

Oh. I’m voting for Obama because I’ve heard he’s got a big johnson.

The OP is about as rib-tickling as roadkill skunk.

What** Agent Foxtrot **said.

You’re talking about a collection of Robert Johnson Blues records?

“I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

"Look, are you just fiddling around with me or what? "

I was thinking it would be something about Rodents of Unusual Size, but those work, too.

Pawody is whut bwvings us togevvah, today.