Obese Memories - I do miss those big bowls of awesome spaghetti - A bittersweet reminiscence

I’ve been working out with a personal trainer getting fitter, and losing weight over the past 1.5 years and am now closing in on my final goals. But tonight I am getting ready for a Sunday fast tomorrow to re-center myself dietary discipline-wise and I’m also eating very light today.

I hated being obese. Some will defend their right to choose being heavy as a lifestyle. To me it was always a despised condition I have fought against over my life, and mostly losing, because I ate too much and did not do enough regular exercise.

So now I’m leaner, harder, and more muscular than ever, but God I do miss those big bowls of spaghetti.

I made both chicken and ground beef based spaghetti sauces from scratch and they were just awesome. Brown some minced garlic and onions in olive oil, add some green pepper, fresh black cracked pepper, 1/2 cup of golden sherry, 6-7 cans of diced tomatoes, one can of V-8, 2-3 handfuls of whole and sliced mushrooms, oregano and basil to taste. Separately brown and drain some ground beef (or roasted chicken cut up) then add it to the pot. Cook it for 20 - 25 minutes or so and it’s heaven. Make your pasta and it’s ready to go! Add some parmesan cheese and a hunk of fresh French or sourdough bread and it’s heaven! Stored in multiple meal sized freezer bags the sauce was even better when reheated.

Because I did not use paste my sauce was not thick (on first cooking) enough to sit on a plate so I used a bowl to hold the goodness. I have not had a big bowl of spaghetti like that in almost 2 years. I’ve thought about making some and only easting a modest amount to keep my intake in check but I know that would be like giving an alcoholic a drink., I would get seconds and thirds if it was in front of me.

I don’t miss being significantly overweight at all. It was awful on so many levels, but I do miss those big bowls of spaghetti. God they were delicious.

I don’t think a reasonable diet should ever exclude something entirely, but if that is what works for you, keep up the good work.

Pics or it didn’t happen! :smiley:

Most of the calories in a big bowl of spaghetti is in the pasta. Just substitute sliced vegetables for the pasta. I actually prefer them. Just cut whatever vegetables you like into long strips and steam them. Alternatively use konjac noodles which are tasteless and have no calories. They have a better texture if you dry fry them a little.

Either way it will provide a lo cal vehicle for the delicious sauce.

When I arrive at my goal I have a Zardoz outfitready to go.

Congratulations! And I eat my spaghetti in a bowl too.

Do you have a nutritionist that you work with in addition to the personal trainer? Or does the personal trainer have info about eating for a healthier lifestyle? Only asking because they may have ideas for a healthier substitute for the spaghetti to eliminate the craving for it. So you’re eating something you enjoy, but it won’t get you off track.

I now make vegetable and chicken stews that are low fat and very satisfying. I was just remembering the spaghetti because (1) I was hungry and (2) it was awesome. It always hit a “10” on the taste and satisfaction scale.

Sounds like it based on the description! I like don’t ask****'s idea of using veggies instead of pasta, but leaving the rest the same. I might try that myself. As a vegetarian I eat lots and lots of pasta and am making an effort to try different sources of protein.

I only started using sliced vegetables by accident. I had made a batch of pasta sauce from scratch and when I went to cook the pasta I had none. So I sliced up zucchini, eggplant, potato, butternut pumpkin, carrot etc into spaghetti like strands and steamed them. I have being doing it ever since. The difference in calories is enormous, vegetables are 20 to 80 calories per 100gms, pasta is 400 calories per 100gms.

Cabbage is good too but a lot of people don’t like it because they have only had it prepared poorly.

What’s your chicken stew recipe look like?

I used to broil chicken breasts now I usually just get a cooked rotisserie chicken from SAMS Club these days. It’s much less hassle. Once I’ve slice off most of the breast meat for salads etc. I take the rest of the chicken and manually pull off the meat I put all the meat in a bowl.

I put a thin skin of olive oil in a large, deep pan at heat it up on high. Slice up an onion or two using an apple cutter. The large chunks work nicely for texture. Slice up 1-2 handfuls of baby carrots. Slice up 1-4 jalapenos depending on how much heat I want. Slice up 1-2 zucchini or squash. Once the onion has browned a bit throw in the peppers and carrots and cook some more while stirring occasionally. Take 1/2 cup of golden sherry and toss it in the pan. This stops the browning. Put in the zucchini, chicken meat, cracker pepper to taste, 1-3 cans of diced tomatoes, a quart of chicken stock and one can of (drained) kidney beans. If you want extra flavor leave some chicken meat on the bones when you toss it in the pot though you will have to fish the bones out later. I also use a handful or two of whole mushrooms if I have them, but they are mostly for the meaty texture as they soak up the flavors of the stew. They are not critical to taste. Do not add salt until you finish cooking and decide it needs some. Most of the time the canned tomatoes and chicken stock have more than enough salt for the dish requirements.

Cook for around 15- 20 minutes on a good rolling simmer. Sprinkle cheese on top if you wish. Relatively low calorie, high protein and delicious. Even better after it’s 'rested" in the fridge and re-heated.

A plate of spaghetti once in awhile is fine. A bowl is too big of a serving. Just put a little on a plate.

Food porn! Im not obese (yet) but I love reading about food almost as much as eating it. Larousse Gastronomique was my constant friend at one time.

Anyway, have you tried using spaghetti squash or even raw julienned zucchini as the “noodles” in your spaghet?

Best of luck!

When you can make the spagetti yet not eat it, then you will be ready to leave the temple grasshopper.

I make pancakes for my daughter and don’t eat any. Where’s my trophy?

He said he uses a bowl because of the consistency of the sauce. I always use a bowl for pasta or rice dishes because I don’t always sit at the dinner table while eating and don’t want to risk spilling anything. Maybe a tiny bowl would be a good idea for the OP to control portion sizes, although I think he’s found alternatives to the spaghetti anyway.

I was waiting for someone to mention spaghetti squash. It’s a great substitute for pasta.

Sounds great! I like having a use for the chicken carcass after cutting off the white meat.

On first scan: “Obese Memories - I do miss those big bowels…” …okay, that thread’s just a little too weird for me.

You are mis-remembering. Spaghetti with sauce is disgusting and nothing but empty calories and fat and sugar. The taste and mouth feel you are remembering is an illusion. Only celery can give you what you crave!
(yeah, I gorged on a big ass bowl of s-ghetti tonight.)