Obscure comic strips

Do you have a favorite comic strip that isn’t around anymore?
I remember one I read as a kid (early 1970’s) called “Freddy”. The title character was a boy around 8 years old, who had a sister Charlene and a little brother named Ernest. Drawn by Rupe. Anybody remember this one?
Another good one was “The Captain’s Gig”, a strange strip based in a seaside bar, by Vigil Partch.

It’s still around, but fairly obscure - “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green.” :slight_smile:


The classics of course:

“Pogo” by Walt Kelley
“Krazy Kat” George Herriman
“Barnaby” by Crockett Johnson

For really obscure strips:

“Sally Bananas” by Charles Barsotti.
“Odds Bodkins” by Dan O’Neill

I don’t know how obscure it is (it’s currently only published in San Fran) but I’ll put my $.02 in with “Zippy”

I miss Bloom County.

For sort-of obscure, I adore “Sluggy Freelance” at http://www.sluggy.com

Also, This Modern World and Tom the Dancing Bug, both available at salon.com

Since when is Zippy only in San Fran? I’ve been reading it here in KC for YEARS.


While the antithesis of obscure, I firmly believe the world is a lesser place for not having more Calvin & Hobbes to enjoy.

I second this. I miss that strip very, very much.

One of the funniest strips I ever read was called “Los Hooligans”; it only appeared in the Daily Texan (University of Texas college newspaper) for a few years in the late 80s/early 90s. You may have heard of the author of this strip, however–Robert Rodriguez, director of El Mariachi and From Dusk 'Til Dawn.


**For sort-of obscure, I adore “Sluggy Freelance” at http://www.sluggy.com **

I’ve seen a couple Sluggy references lately. Are there many Sluggites on the boards?

Smokey Stover

Little Iodine

The British Dennis the Menace, not gone, but not available in enough countries.

I miss Calvin & Hobbes. And the Far Side.
But I think I miss Andy Capp the most because it’s been gone so long now.

When Calvin & Hobbes left, the Baltimore Sun had a two-foot picture of just the two of em looking up. It’s on my wall :slight_smile:

I’ve been a Sluggite for two years now. I’ve even made friends by introducing them to it. I can’t decide whether the Slug Files or A Sluggy Mummy Christmas is my favorite sequence. Time to bring Kiki back, though.

“Scroogie”: A sports-themed and short-lived strip in the mid-1970’s by baseball player Tug McGraw and Mike Witte.

Scroogie wasn’t bad.

I forgot about one great and obscure strip: Larry Gore’s Thing. Gore was the only person considered to mad for Mad Magazine and, for a short time did something that was truly unique – a series of random jokes, fake news articles, and general weirdness, all fitting into the comic strip format. Very little art (occasionally Bob Clarke illustrated), nearly all text and too strange to survive.

This Modern World is my favorite “obscure” one, although it’s been in several magazines and the New York Times.

There was one about a bunch of office gals, called
Some Punkins.
You couldn’t run it today because all the girls were busty, so it’s not “PC”, but I loved it. It was just like a real typing pool.

Cheech Wizard

It was a real disturbing cartoon in the National Lampoon. My favorite reading material in college in the late 70s, which explains my awe-inspiring 2.1 GPA and an inability to take many things seriously.

you can still find O’Neill - online at http://www.oddbodkins.com and weekly in the San Francisco Bay Guardian http://www.sfbg.com. This is my favorite…


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