Obscure Quicken 2000/Winxp compatibility problem

I just upgraded my PC from Windows ME to XP. Quicken 2000 was already on the computer. Everything works well on the Quicken except for printing checks. It will print reports in Quicken, just not checks.

When I try to print checks it tells me that it could not open the printer and that I should check my printer selection. There is only one printer that has ever been on this computer and it is selected correctly.

I tried reloading Quicken and downloading the latest update from the Quicken site but it didn’t work.

If anyone out there in Doper land can solve this one I will be very impressed.


Um. Couple of questions.

When you reloaded quicken did you just load on top of it or sis you delete it completely?

What’s the exact error message?

Have you tried finding XP drivers for the printer?

What model printer?

What model computer?
Jeez, I feel like I’m at work.

I deleted Quicken before I reloaded it.

The error message is: “Could not open printer. Check your printer selection.” The correct printer is actually selected.

The printer works fine on every other application and, in fact, works on Quicken to print reports just not checks.

It’s an HP Desk Jet 693C.

The Computer is a Gateway PC with a 1GHz Pentium III and 512 MB of RAM.

Thanks for the help,

Just one bump to see if the weekday crowd can answer this.


Haj, my man, just because it works with everything else doesn’t mean it’s not screwed up! This is Microsoft we’re talking about. I do have a couple of suggestions for you.

First, relatively fast thing to try:

When you installed the printer in XP did you use the original installation disk? If you did, you screwed up. Try removing the printer and installing it following the instructions located here:


Keep in mind that if you ran the OS install as an UPGRADE to your current OS then you are probably using pre XP drivers for the printer.
Second, longer thing to try:

When you uninstalled Quicken did you kill the directory too? Lots of times programs will uninstall but leave files or information behind, not only in the registry but on the hard disk. Back up your data files and uninstall it again. Then check the system for the Quicken directory and delete it if it exists. If you are comfortable editing your registry do a search for “Quicken” and delete any keys you find. BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST and DO NOT do this if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Third, longest thing to try:

When you installed XP, was it an upgrade of your current OS or did you reload everything from scratch? If you did it as an upgrade, you might want to back up your important stuff and reload from scratch. Granted this takes a little longer, well a lot longer, but the end result is the assurance that you don’t have some old driver or configuration file floating around on your system causing you problems.

Based on your error message, and the fact that you only get it in Quicken, my guess is that you’ve got an incompatible config or driver file out there somewhere. The trick is finding it.