Question about computer programs

I just got a computer with Windows XP. The one I use to have was Windows 98. On the 98, I had a lot of really good programs that I used often, none of those programs are on the XP.

Would I damage my new computer if I tried to install the programs from the old one? I’m talking about Microsoft Home Publishing and Picture It Express.


Very unlikely. It’s more likely the programs might not run properly, but I think even that is unlikely. And if they do indeed not run properly at first, XP has compatibility modes to run programs from earlier versions of Windows more successfully.

Oh and while I’m at it, why won’t this computer allow me to print anything. It keeps telling me to send a fax, whne I click cancel it still won’t print. I don’t want to send a fax, I just want to print something.

I have a fairly large number of programs I’ve ported over from as far back as Windows 3.11, and there have only been a very, very few that haven’t worked. IME, even most DOS programs will function correctly, for the most part.

Did you install the printer software? Under printers make sure the printer is set as default not the fax driver. Run the printer diagnostic and make sure the computer and printer are able to communicate.

I always use “system restore” to save a restore point before I make operating sytem changes, or install any software. Software that doesn’t work, can be easily removed by doing the following. Use the “add remove” utility to remove the software. Then use the system restore to restore to before the software was installed.

Why both utilities? The “system retore” will NOT remove files and directories that are new. It will restore the registry and changed files, which “remove software” does NOT.