Observations at the Gay Pride parade last month

  1. Why do so many gay men look like Eminem? Or is it the other way around. Maybe they fall for the “bad boy” type.

  2. The God hates queers gang were all men. Strange looking men. “Queer” in the purest sense of the word. They were holding rather homo-erotic signs. The one with one stick-man bending over in front of a standing stick-man especially is burned in my memory.

  3. Almost all the lesbians were older and not attractive. Where are the 25 year old porn star lesbians?

On obswervation 3, a girl told me the young, attractive lesbians usually also have boyfriends. Maybe it is easier for them to go both ways.

  1. I don’t think it’s gay men looking like Eminem. I think it’s both Eminem and those gay men belonging to that particular style known as “clones”. Or it could be that Eminem looks like those gay men because he’s likewise done up to look pretty.

  2. Everyone knows that most homophobes are repressed closet cases. See Eminem, above. Also Stockwell Day.

3a) Presumably, such lesbians find different things attractive from what straight men find attractive, and they dress to please themselves and each other.

3b) “But the women in these pornos are not dykey at all, are they? With that BIG HAIR and those BIG TITS - tits that are so hard you could throw a quarter at them and they would bounce off and put your eye out - and then they have these NAILS! these TALONS! these CLAWS! How the fuck do you have lesbian sex with nails like that? Let me translate for you, since you may be lesbian-impaired, sir, but those nails are a yeast infection waiting to happen! Going out with that babe would be like going out with Edward fucking SCISSORHANDS! She’d be like, can I touch you, and you’d be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” - Lea Delaria

matt, I love you.

I’ve only been to one Gay Pride parade, & that was three years ago marching proudly with PFLAG. :smiley:

1: Maybe eminem wasn’t popular then. I see many more suburban high school kids with the eminem dirty white boy look than gay men. I’m in Denver, so maybe there are regional differences.

2(a): Never saw the GHF contingent. I think matt has it right though. Why spend so much time worrying about how gays are out to recruit kids if they don’t suspect that gay sex is somehow more appealing than straight sex? I heard the “Rev” Phelps (?) on the radio once. He wasn’t even particularly articulate, so I don’t get it.

2(b): What is Stockwell Day?

3: I have many lesbian friends. While there is an element that favours the short-haired lumberjack/jock look, I don’t think that’s the majority, at least not in the mileau I hang out with. I don’t know that the “femme lesbians swinging both ways” is at all accurate. One friend of mine dated a woman who was an exotic dancer at a high end “gentlemans’club” :rolleyes: (Diamond Cabaret in Denver.) I went to a gay wedding with another, male, friend as my escort. Many of the women were dancers & lesbians, & poor Robert spent the whole evening trying to stuff his tongue back in his mouth. These women were gorgeous, and yes, some looked better than porn stars if you like that sort of thing!

Stonewall. Try using an Internet search engine to do research on the Stonewall Brigade (my great-great-great-grandfather was the only commander of the Brigade to survive the war and I did a search for “Stonewall Jim”).

Stonewall was some big landmark event in Gay Pride history. I didn’t bother reading enough to find out exactly what it was.

Whilst learning about the Stonewall riots is a good thing, you might also want to throw “Stockwell Day” into google and see what comes up.

Hint – it ain’t a Day.

Aha. Stockwell Day is fundie Canadian politico. Got it.

I knew about Stonewall…IIRC it was a new York gay bar that was raided by the police using Draconian tactics, right?

Well the poliece did that everywhere. Its the fact that the people fought back is what makes it special.

On observation 3. The point is while all these young, and older men, were in the gay pride parade the only women I saw that were actually gay were older women. The one exception was a college gay&lesbian group which had a couple of cute girls, and one known lesbian who was on city council. The porno lesbian thing was a joke, but there was a serious lack of representation of lesbians under 50.

I always enjoy attending the Gay Pride parades. I don’t enjoy the moronic “Gods hates fags” crowd, there is so much hatred seething in their small little minds.

Stockwell Day: the evil-and-stupid-at-the-same-time leader of the Canadian Alliance, an extreme right (for Canada) federal political party. Formerly the finance minister of Alberta, which government he tried to get to use the Notwithstanding Clause of the constitution to cancel a Supreme Court ruling authorizing gay common-law marriage.

He’s well-coiffed, well-dressed, tanned & toned, a little over-moisturized, used to work as a dog groomer and interior decorator, and is viciously homophobic. What does this tell us?

I’m still laughing my ass off over the idea that his name was mistaken for:

Stonewall Day. Commemorating the Stonewall Riots in New York City. On June 27, 1969, police performed one of their usual harassment raids on gay bars in Greenwich Village, invading the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street. However, the gay people unwinding therein decided that night not to take it anymore. (Legend has it that they were in a bad mood due to the death of Judy Garland a few days previous.)

A contingent principally formed of butch dykes and drag queens began several nights of violent protest and fighting back, the first time that this took place. It is the traditional birthdate of the modern gay rights movement.

Come to the San Diego gay pride parade - we’re all beautiful here. :wink:

Besides, I’ll be on a float full of gorgeous, shirtless gay Asian men. Whatever shall become of me?


Be strong, Esprix! Be strong!

You will, of course, have a helluva good time. As always.

Darn you. :wink:

We expect to hear all about it. :smiley:

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a lesbian with a boyfriend be a bisexual persion and not technically a lesbian? I always thought of bisexuality as a third option (for lack of a better term); there’s gay, straight, and bisexual people. Or are bisexuals considered as gay also?

Sorry for sounding stupid, but this has confused me a bit.

I think you might be mistaken there. Martina Navratilova, for example, was married for a while and is a lesbian (here’s a cite . . . do a google search and see what you come up with). What one does/has (i.e. boyfriend, treefriend, whatever) and what one feels (sexual desire, etc.) are not always the same thing. The case of José Zuniga is another example.

Bisexual people as far as I know about not considered either gay (exclusively attracted to members of one’s own sex) or straight(exclusively attracted to members of the opposite sex) but . . . both (attracted to opposite and same) and neither (not exclusively attracted to either)?

So a lesbian with a boyfriend might just be someone who used said boyfriend as a cover, though why she’d do that at a pride parade makes me wonder if there’s perhaps another reason.

I stand corrected. I’m really not up to speed on gay culture. I just remember being really irritated that I had to wade through tons of gay pride sites in the search engine results to find what I was seeking.