Obsessive Harry Potter People


CS is inundated with the fever already. There are already two stickies and two other threads.

Ha! Good luck! Who wants to place bets on at least ten threads about a fucking children’s book showing up on the front page of CS by Sunday?

From the same thread:

Naturally, there have been three posts in that thread since Dex nicely asked them not to do so less than three hours ago. They just can’t contain themselves!

In the non-spoilers thread, MissMossie innocently puts forth a simple question about the spoilers thread:

The reply?

Not only does she not want spoilers (which I can understand and sympathize with), but she doesn’t even seem to want to acknowledge the possibility that spoilers for sixth-grade literature exist at all to enter her head!

Harry Potter freaks, don’t you get it? This kind of crazy shit is the reason that people go out of their way to spoil it for you! They think you’re insane!

On another board I frequent (hint: goons), several posters have gotten so frustrated with this attitude that they’ve actually written out spoilers and posted them as their avatars.

I don’t condone it and I’ve never done it, but, in some small way… I understand.

Well, couldn’t you just, I dunno, avoid those threads that annoy you? Or are these Potter fanatics making you go in there at gun point?

Myself, I’m a live and let live kind of guy. I’ll probably pick up the Potter book (I’ve read all the other ones, might as well finish off the series) at some point, but I’m in no particular hurry…and certainly don’t want to speculate about endlessly about what MIGHT be in there. Nor do I want to see what a bunch of trolls (seems to me) want to do to attempt to spoil the book.

Here’s the thing though…YOU may think its stupid and trivial. You may be shocked to realize however that your opinion is, simply put, your own…and really has no relevance to what others think. I’ve seen folks get all hot and bothered about all kinds of stupid stuff (IMHO, the emphasis being on MY and OPINION)…and I’ve gotten all hot and bothered about stuff others would find stupid (such as my frantic need to talk about each Total War game as it neared shipping). At a guess, some of the things you would find interesting or discussion worthy, others would find stupid or trivial too.

Long and the short…if you don’t like the Potter books, if you are annoyed by the discussion, then my advice would be to ignore the threads on them and simply turn your attention elsewhere.


You would have been safer pitting fat people, people who drive too slow, and liberals.

Wow. How did I know that this would be the first sentence of the first reply to this thread? Eh. Psychic, I guess.

Point is, this shit is everywhere and pretty much impossible to avoid. I’m sick of hearing about it already and it’s not even out yet! Not just here but everywhere on the Internet and in print media.

And when the innumerable HP threads start to push everything else off the front page of CS (it won’t be confined to one thread, since, as I showed in the OP, their fervor is such that they blatantly ignore an Admin’s simple instructions), then yeah, it will be pretty fucking annoying and unavoidable.

I’ve been on the Internet for twelve years and, frankly, the obnoxiousness of HP fans is the only thing that has ever made me secretly root for trolls… just a little bit (though, like I said, I’d never do anything like that myself).

I’m guessing that by starting this thread, I will get the shit flamed out of me by countless budding wizards, but, honestly, I really don’t care.

This is how I feel about the matter.

Probably because you didn’t actually read AND absorb what I was saying would be my guess. You assumed you’d get something…and therefore you got what you expected.

I’m sick of hearing about GW Bush, or endless vapid discussions about this star doing this, or that one breaking up with that, or another one going to jail for some stupid ass shit.

Here’s the thing…get a thicker skin, learn to ignore what annoys you, or basically sell off all your stuff and move to a cave somewhere remote.

I’m looking at CS right now, and it doesn’t appear to me as if they are pushing out the threads on other subjects to me. Perhaps you are looking at something different than I am? As I look in the top 10 threads only ONE is about HP…the rest are about the usual CS stuff. Maybe you should go take a look-see, ehe?

Well, if you thought my post was a flame…then all I can say is that, like your exaggeration about how many ACTUAL Potter threads there are in CS, and how they are pushing all the other worthy threads off the front page, its a bit of an exaggeration.


You mean at wand point, for pete’s sake.

Muggle’s mistake. :smiley:

My sister and my niece are both very much into Harry Potter. If it weren’t for this place, I’d be forced to read those books. As of right now, 11 a.m. Thursday morning, the spoiler thread is already more entertaining than anything Rowling could put out on her own.
Just sayin’.

I take it you haven’t read the books if you consider them sixth-grade literature. They’re not Goosebumps, for Og’s sake. Any book that gets millions of kids excited about reading and not watching the lastest tweenie show on Nickelodeon gets my blessing.

ivylass, who is taking her kids to a pre-release party Friday night.

Instead he pit Harry Potter fans, which covers all three! Zing!


I will openly admit that I like the books, so if like **neutron star ** you don’t care, feel free to skip this! :slight_smile:

See, I read Shoshana’s post as saying “Can we please not discuss the spoliers in that other thread” - which seems pretty damn reasonable, actually, that being the thread in which there are supposed to be no spoilers. Far from “she doesn’t even seem to want to acknowledge the possibility that spoilers for sixth-grade literature exist at all to enter her head!”, she seems to be simply trying to not get spoilers in the thread. After all, if she didn’t want to acknowledge their possibility, she might have ignored the post, reported it, or simply insulted everyone concerned (as indeed you have).

I honestly don’t get this. You seem to be just as emotionally attached here, it’s just in the opposite direction. Certainly, it’s crazy to be so interested in a certain fucking children’s book, as you put it. Surely it’s just as crazy, if not more so, to be so apparently offended by it all that you make a swearing, condescending Pit thread to lambast those people for their behaviour (some of which you’re only guessing will occur)? I would add that the board you frequent, if it is indeed the one I think it is, is filled with enough assholes that there would be spoiler avatars with or without obsessive HP fans. I’m with xtisme; there are certainly obsessive HP fans out there. But I think you may be exaggerating to use that term for the majority of those on here.

There are four HP threads on the front page of CS, and the damn thing won’t even be out for another day-and-a-half.

I don’t think of your post as a flame. Actually, it’s probably the most rational thing I’ll end up seeing in this thread. I understand your point, but I respectfully disagree. Your need to talk about every Total War game (which, BTW, I love), isn’t shared by ten zillion other people online and doesn’t permeate the media to the exclusion of almost all else.

Some of the other examples you cited (GWB) are not comparable, since they affect the entire world. I agree with you and am just as annoyed by the celebrity bullshit, though.

Bolding mine.

The Hardy Boys are what got me into reading. Hell, I read 160 of those damned books, but you know what? I’m 29 now. I haven’t read one in sixteen years.

I know. I don’t think this series is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I think it’s really cool to see so many people getting this excited over a book release. Go Harry!

Yes, it’s great to get kids reading, and that is the only reason I have any respect at all for HP. The people obsessing over this stuff on the SDMB, though… well, they seem to be significantly older than twelve.

How the hell did you misspell my user name?

I haven’t read Nancy Drew since I was younger. The Harry Potter books are different…the stories are a step above your normal kids’ fare, and the themes and imagery she uses are also a bit mature. After all, when was the last time you read a kids’ book where a major character died?
ETA: FWIW, I am deliberately avoiding all HP threads in Cafe Society until I’ve read the book, mainly because I don’t want it spoiled.

I’m more worried about it taking over the pit.

Holy shit! I have consistently misread your username for the past five years! :smack:

Different people are into different things – Star Wars, Bush-bashing, Pirates of the Caribbean, whatever. This thread sounds to me like bellyaching that you don’t happen to be personally into the current hot topic, and therefore people should refrain from discussing it to convenience you.

I will grant you that the HP hysteria is currently at fever-pitch, but ISTM obvious why that would be so: The very last book in the series, which is the singular literary phenomenon of the last decade, if not the last century, comes out at midnight tomorrow. Fans are excited, they are really excited. Let them have their moment; I hope they enjoy it.

Suck it up, says I.

I am not a liberal.


Well, Charlotte’s Web, The Chronicles of Narnia, Old Yeller