Why the fuck do you want to spoil things for other people! What is it, funny? Are you better than everyone and enjoying it all?

Fuck off! Exhibit your inferiority complex to your goddamn self! You don’t deserve the right to communicate! You nearly ruined the goddamn book for me and it wasn’t even out yet! I don’t want to know what happens and I can’t think of goddamn anyone worthwhile who does! At least wait until after the fucking thing is for sale!

Worst of all - in the subject line!
Spoilers in the goddamn subject line! (no, it wasn’t on here) Bad enough some shit is in nearly every news site’s front page, but no, you have to put your shit in the subject line, on the top post, so people who aren’t even in that subforum, who are trying to avoid this sort of shit, can see it from the main index! On a goddamn recording engineer forum! We’re supposed to talk about microphones and acoustic treatment and shit, not your vain attempt at humoring yourself!

Because of this shit I have to avoid the goddamn internet so no one else tells me anything else and sit and read the damn thing obsessively, hoping that your dumb ass is wrong! Fuck you!

:smack: to the heads of everybody that spoilers…

I dont know why people do it either … I love watching mrAru read a book after I do so I can watch his expression as he gets to the good points…

And I hope all the movie viewers who announce the ending as they leave past the people waiting to get in get stuck in a viewing of the pound puppy movie with an audience of text messaging, squeeing popcorn throwing sprogs for eternity.

That’s carelessness. That’s excusable. I’m talking malicious, intentional.

The first Survivor finale was eagerly awaited by fans. I avoided the radio. I avoided the TV. I avoided coming here, as I thought it likely someone would spoil the ending. So I went over to an eBay board because I was looking for something or other, and someone posted RICH WINS!


I still don’t know who won the Super Bowl. And aside from involving a diner jukebox in some way, I don’t know how Sopranos ended.

I’m happy in my obliviousness.

It’s his sled.

She’s her mother and her sister.

This Thread will end badly


Darth Vader is Harry Potter’s father.

Back in 1983, the movie Return of the Jedi came out. After The Empire Strikes Back had been so good, I was expecting a great wrap-up with the third movie. (Turned out not so great, but that’s beside the point here.)

I was young and had nothing better to do, so with some friends I sat in line for an hour or so before the box office opened. Then my “friend” Betsy leans over and says, “Did you know Luke and Leia are brother and sister? No? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

There was another occasion when somebody said they were going to see Sophie’s Choice, and Betsy immediately started to tell her what the end of the movie (and the meaning of the title) was.

Maybe somebody genetic science will advance to the point where we can prevent such people from ever being born.

Hermione is actually a guy.

Ron has been dead since halfway through the first book.

Dobby is Keyser Soze.

I remember a pit thread back in 2002 when someone kindly asked people not to give spoilers about Return of the King in threads which requested, in the OP, no spoilers for RoTK.

Someone came into that pit thread and posted, unboxed, no warning, the end to RoTK. I was leaving in three days for a week-long vacation with all three LoTR books packed in my suitcase. The person who posted later apologized sincerely. It’s been five years, and I have yet to find it in my heart to forgive him.

Which is all to say - hear hear.

Bertie’s botts are

Soylent Green!!! :eek:

but who gives a shit, they’re only muggles.

Don’t you mean Voldemorte is Harry’s father?

And Ginny wakes up and wanders into the bathroom and finds Harry taking a shower-and the whole story was all a dream.


Considering that 1 in 36 in the U.S. purchased a copy in the first 24 hours, and many of those copies were then passed on to other people, I also don’t know why anyone would want to spoil it other than as an expression of incivility.

Of course. “Magic” bullet and all…it just makes sense.

Well, I hate to say it, but the books had been out for nearly 5 decades by then. I have a hard time thinking of being able to spoil something that old and well-known, much like the references to Soylent Green, Citizen Kane, Chinatown, and so on that always pop up in these kinds of threads.

I disagree. Regardless of how old something is, if someone specifically tells you that they haven’t read/seen something and specifically asks you not to give away plot points, doing so makes you an asshole. Sure, there’d normally be nothing wrong with discussing such plot points, but that’s not the situation mentioned by Helen’s Eidolon. The reason it’s generally regarded as okay is because it’s assumed that given the age of the material in question anyone who cared would already know. If you know that isn’t the case, you should keep your mouth shut.

Yup. No one at the time was objecting to discussion of the third book. The spoiling took place in a Pit thread reminding people, again, not to discuss the third book in threads where the OP specifically asked people not to.

The person in question posted it precisely to piss people off. And it did.