Obtaining additional insurance for loaning motorcycle

I have a friend coming over from Ireland to borrow my motorcycle. He’s going to be using it for two weeks. I have insurance, except I don’t have coverage to pay to replace the bike since it’s not worth that much, 3-4k. He would like to have coverage for the bike to cover it in case of an accident.

I called my agent, State Farm, and they said it was possible for him to ride the bike, but it seems like a pain to get the coverage for two weeks. When I went to Europe a few years ago and borrowed a bike I was able to get my own insurance. Can you get isurance in the US like this? I haven’t been able to get an answer. When looking on google I’ve seen some UK insurance but none really for the US.

State Farm should have told you that your existing policy will cover anybody who rides the bike with your permission. It sounds like you are carrying only liability. I see why you feel you don’t need collision or comprehensive, but don’t see why your Irish friend thinks he does. State Farm should have been able to answer all questions you might have about this situation, including an option for short-term coverage. You can always take out collision/comp, then cancel it after two weeks, but it seems kind of silly.

Because he doesn’t want to be on the hook on the off chance that he does have an accident. I know I wouldn’t want to borrow a bike and slide on something stupid, and total a bike then be on the hook for a few grand. I do know that he is able to borrow the bike, I think he’s just a bit worried about paying of the off chance of an accident.

What you are looking for is called a “rider” policy, refering not to the operator of the motorcycle, but a policy that “rides” atop your existing coverage.

I have NO idea of the availability WRT motorcycles. They are very common in aviation. An aircraft is often insured only for named pilots, and if another pilot needs to fly it, a rider policy will be obtained for the required time period, which I have seen to be as short as a week. I have also obtained a rider policy for automobile coverage in Mexico, which my existing insurance did not provide.

Often times “big name” insurance companies and/or thier agents can’t be bothered with this sort of thing. If your existing agent can’t help, contact an independent agent. Also look into medical coverage for your friend…rare to total a bike without hospitalizing the rider.