Obtuse keyboards

Every so often, when typing, I have the tendancy to hit two keys simultaneously… never did try Mavis Beacon’s techniques for long enough! The infuriating thing is that my keyboard seems to know which of the two characters I didn’t want and promptly choses that one instead of my intendef (see what I mean) one.
Do I have an obtuse keyboard that enjoys winding me up or is their something scientific (Murphy’s Law type situation) at work here. What’s the deal? :confused:

How often do you notice when the keyboard gets things right?


I know what you mean cornflakes… and that’s the point. You would expect that half the time you’d get the correct character and half the time the wrong one. Yet, whenever I’m aware of hitting two keys, I look up, and see the wrong one staring at me every time. (It’s happened twice in this passage alone).
Bad luck? Quantum physics? Self-fulfilling prophesy? Weird!

QWERTY’s addendum to Murphy’s Law:
Wjicheber keu you didm’t want is the ome you;ll get.

Obtuse is the perfect word here. In that the standard sized boards have too small of keys, and are made for people with small fingers.

Obtuse is also a good discription of what I would like to find on the market. A keyboard that is about 20% bigger so my fingers fit on one key at a time.