Oceans 12, possible spoilers

Alright, so being the Oceans 11 fan I am I begin checking the website for Oceans 12.

Eddie Izzard is in the movie as Phil Turrentine. So I’m immediatley overjoyed because Eddie cracks me up. But then a wheel begins turning and I realize that George Clooney and Brad Pitt, in Oceans 11, while talking about recruiting people had said Phil Turrentine was dead from skin cancer.

So any thoughts on how they’re going to work this? It isn’t a prequel, thank god, so it is either a flashback or a surprise return.


Almost 80 views and no comments? Does no one want to wager on this or is it a pointless musing?

  1. The Phil Turrentine who died was a “Sr.” This Phil’s his namesake son.

  2. Phil faked his death as part of an insurance scam.

  3. I’m wrong on both counts.

  4. It will be addressed when the movie comes out, so chill.

  5. It won’t be addressed at all when the movie comes out, so it’s something to nitpick.

Well being that I am praying it is not #5 and I am fairly sure it is not #1 because Brad Pitt’s character dated the wife, and I suppose that would possibly take out #2.

Well, I suppose I just will have to deal with #4.

  1. Its a prequel.

  2. There are several flashbacks to a time when he was alive.

According to the plot info on the IMDb, it can’t possibly be a prequel, given that Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia’s character) is still looking for the men who robbed his casinos. I’m going with either the flashbacks or the faked death idea.

But honestly, I don’t care. :slight_smile: I was excited enough for the movie, having loved the first one. And finding out that Eddie Izzard is going to be in it at all thrills me no end.

Maybe he faked his death and has been masquerading as a woman all this time? :wink:

  1. He appears in a blue glow, death having made him more powerful than you can possibly imagine. :rolleyes:

How in the heck did you remember that??

Maybe they said “BILL Turrentine”?