Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

octopus, liberals don’t love power, the US isn’t Nazi Germany or Assad’s Syria, so black people shouldn’t feel they have to flee for their lives, and “harpy” is not hate speech on this board, you disingenuous racist fuck.

Reviving this Pit thread in the hopes that people will stop engaging his shenanigans over on the Living While Black thread.

He’s not even a good troll.

It’s not so much about quality for him; more about maintaining the tradition and values.

Everybody loves power. Everybody that has it abuses it.

Assuming, arguendo, that this is true, then why would the racist, disingenuous fuck single out liberals in his off-topic post in the other thread?

Assuming you have a library card and are groomed well enough not to be refused entry why not make your way to the library and check out some books concerning human nature, power, the nature of institutions, and world history. After this remedial education that should bring you up to the average 8th grader you can post something a little less naive.

And really, “dat’s racist!!11” is utterly meaningless at this point.

I’m sorry, did you mean to type the utterly banal and off-topic “everyone loves power”? Because that’s not what you wrote – you specifically singled out liberals…for some reason, in a conversation about how a black person was murdered by police.

Not only did you try and hijack a conversation with some bullshit non-sequitur, you also apparently meant to write “everyone loves power”. Not sure why.

Anyway, the libraries around here are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Sure, everyone loves power. Happy now?

Still doesn’t change the fact that the left worships the state.

Are you this lazy in real life, to apply brainless tropes from the right-wing fever swamps to mass-slander a group of millions (“the left”) in such a meaningless way? I hope not. You probably work hard to provide for your family.

Shame your posts here are so brainless and lazy.

I was just going to reply to him, “Jeez, you’re a useless poster”, but you said it better, so thumbs up to your post!

Ah. Thought there might be something new for this thread to be raised. Guy can’t even update his memes about the left, let alone say anything new.

There is something new. He’s shitting all over the Living While Black thread, or maybe the Controversial Law Enforcement thread and, once again, that thread becomes the octopus thread.

Pretty funny that, when I found his personal pit thread, it was because he was shitting all over another thread, making it about him.

I get why you raised the thread. I just meant that he’s not doing anything new. He’s still doing the same old schtick. I’d hoped my second sentence would make that clear. I didn’t want to type too much, like I normally do.

You normally DO want to type too much?

Oh, I see what you mean. No, he’s the same old disingenuous troll, trying to bend threads in a direction he wants, making the thread about him or whatever liberal boogeyman he has in mind that day.

He doesn’t strike me as an idiot, like UrbanRedneck or Jim Peebles. Like iiandyiiii, I think he could add value if he tried, put some effort into his posts, fleshed out his ideas. Instead, he makes broad, off-topic swipes against liberals or whatever, and pushes the thread more and more off track. He’s like Shodan was, with his one-liners (the usual suspects), but Shodan would take a crap in a thread and then leave, whereas octopus hangs around, stinking it up.

“Racism is a meaningless charge” is an interesting trope. Kinda means that nobody can be racist any more.

Of course it’s bullshit and Octopus is a bullshit poster.

His “the left worships the state” doesn’t really make the point very well but “mass slander” ?

Saying something sweeping and negative about millions of strangers. YMMV on what to call it, but it’s really, really dumb.

Par for the course, given that smart conservatives hate the shitfest which is the current administration whereas the dumb ones don’t mind as long as it pwns the libruls.

It’s a shame he’s still up to the same ol’ shit. Every once in a while, he acts like a decent person. I wish he’d stick with that.