Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

I actually know some stuff that’s substantive. He is for a guaranteed basic income–unless I’m getting him mixed up with another conservative poster who surprised me.

My problem is that he’s stopped being a substantive poster. He’s just freaking out and claiming he’s being bullied any time someone has a problem with what he posted. Or freaking out because people are teasing him for his own indefensible position that he has repeated over and over. Or pulling the conservative pity party argument that has never worked. Or trying to get the Pit removed or whining about “potty mouths.”

Here’s an idea: take a break from doing that stuff. I’m not saying “let the bullies win.” I’m saying that you can just not do it for a while. There will be some inertia, but just see what happens. See if this is about bullying or about your own responses.

Because, like I said, your responses in this thread pre-resurrection did nothing but make me think you were just wanting an excuse to attack people for your own amusement. Of course I’m not going to treat someone like that very well.

Are you serious? You want me to search by my user name and ignore the Pit stuff and find a contribution to a thread? Sure… Give me a second and I’ll post one. Just for you.

From the priest raping kids thread. Notice a bit of self deprecation to start my post after someone had teased me before I even entered the thread. I’m good natured so I went with the joke.

Then I offered my opinion that when serious crimes like child rape (obviously implied by let’s see, the subject of the thread) that it might not be a good idea to let the institution that is responsible for the abuse and cover up to continue to handle the issue in-house. Especially not in a modern nation-state with a functioning, albeit far from perfect, law enforcement and judicial system. Of course the dishonest attacks occur immediately after. Though Miller, to his credit, offered a decent and honest interpretation of my post that frankly didn’t require much exposition if one reads without bias.

Let’s see maybe I’ll continue to do your homework and post one more.

Here’s me mildly debating whether or not Prince is a genius with drad dog.

Who can argue with that?

Look, most of posts are on contentious issues. I admit that. Contentious issues can get heated, I under that. I don’t have problems with disagreements. I have problems with the dishonest and uncivil tactics.

Yeah I am at least for now. I am thinking we are moving to a world where human labor is being decoupled from highly valuable manufacturing. So, I’m open to new forms of wealth distribution. I think we have more of a demand problem and less of a supply problem and I think basic income would help the economy grow while boosting the general standard of living. I do worry about population growth, rate of consumption growth, and environmental impact and I’m not sure if 2nd or 3rd order effects of basic income would be good or horrendous.

Perhaps you are right. Maybe things would cool off. Maybe those who enjoy pitting people will find an easier target and succeed at driving them off. I cracked a few jokes at your expense in the past when you poked at me but then I realized you are a chronic target of the same miserable bunch and I definitely don’t want to be associated with them.

About the Pit being removed? If the goal is to clean up the environment with regards to people feeling comfortable or threatened so that board retention is higher and board recruitment is actually a net positive don’t you think getting rid of the most hostile sub forum should be on the table. Look at the endless handwringing over comparing Betty Rubble or Wilma Flintstone in a thread. Yet, we have members who flounced because they couldn’t call posters a “cunt.” Explain that dichotomy.

The good thing about you BigT, even though we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues, is you have the courage to be who you are and not allow these people to force you to change. That’s hard.

With regards to that. We clash ideologically. Therefore, you have a certain bias when you see fight. Sunny Daze started this thread and a few of the GB clowns and some random people started taking shots. I decided I wasn’t going to be a passive punching bag or act like a chronically battered wife. I was going to fight back. I fought back, the thread died. Some fool resurrected it.

I’ll tell you this though. Whatever the goal was they aren’t going to accomplish it.

octopus, the examples you provided for me upthread aren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Sure, you posted in a couple of threads and set out your position, but Prince being a genius and the RCC investigating their own over the last however many years are hardly what I would call an insight into ‘What Makes octopus Tick’. People don’t remember you for any of those. I wonder why that might be?

When you get a multi-page Pit thread with you as the ‘star’ maybe it’s you and not them matey.

Maybe you could…perhaps you might try…how about…

Nah, I give up.

Just the two of us here! What you want to chat about?

Only a few days earlier the guy who bumped this thread was all “We prod you because it amuses us.”

Why would you hang out in a place that you obviously don’t enjoy? What do you get from being ‘so-called’ bullied? I think I would move on. Just saying.

If we were to all stop ‘bullying’ him, he would move on.

Masochist: Hit me, HIT me.
Sadist: No.


That’s a fair question. If you are talking about the pit specifically it’s as I’ve already said.

If you are talking about the forums in general why shouldn’t I stick around and converse in threads in which I am provided something of value? There are many threads I read for information and don’t have anything useful to add. So I don’t post. There are a few in which I disagree with a concept and I want to see if I can be convinced why I am wrong.

I’ve been wrong in a few threads, at the very least. And in several other threads I have left the threads to reconsider my position. I see no value in going to a site which is an echo chamber and offers me no new ideas or new ways of looking at things.

One of these days I may even learn to use a semi colon.

I have no idea what’s come before, octopus, but I believe you have the same right as anyone else to post in the threads of your choice. Nobody “owns” this forum, and anyone is free to disagree with you or ignore you if they don’t like what you say. Having said that, if you post something ignorant, you may be getting what you deserve.

Actually there is someone who “owns” the thread as they own this board, do they give a shit, no, but they rightfully own it. Just ask the mods.

And octopus is a trolling troll of a troll.

His “potty mouth” proves it.

The irony of that is his constant accusations of others having “potty mouth”.

I’m living rent free in your head as Trump does in asashi’s. You got octopus gibberish syndrome. Sad!

Don’t you think your time would be more productively spent expressing faux socially enlightened concern in order to build board rapport? Surely, someone somewhere on this here internet is commenting on a female member of this species appearance in a non hive-mind approved way. Sic ‘em!

Simple Monty! They’re letting you use electronic devices again?

And the fool still doesn’t understand what an ignore list is!

Imagine making these three posts. Imagine thinking like that about people - “Yeah, sure, this person drove without a license 30 years ago and yeah, I technically support people voting, but obviously anyone who thinks he should get the right to vote back is just awful.” Admitting that by your own principles, this is the right thing to do, and yet you still insist on giving people shit about it.

What a fucking terrible human being. Dude, get the fuck out of politics. It is poisoning your brain, or what little is left of it.


Y’know, I just realized - I could be talking to people who do have a basic assumption of rationality, and who don’t use “stop expecting me to be rational” as an excuse for how awful some of their recent opinions are. Welcome to the ignore list, you shitty person.

Oh noes! The ignore list!!1!

From an Elections thread:

I can’t even… I tried to get through:

WHAT? Do you really believe that?

I’ll admit there are one or two Chicken Littles that have said something akin to “conservatives should be stripped of the right to vote and put in re-education camps”, but I bet they took their meds the next day and rethought that.

One or two is a long ways from “this board is infested with”. In fact, I bet it was just one, and he’s feeling better now.

But I think to avoid living with a really horrible strawman fallacy, you should count them. We’ll wait, it won’t take long…

I can think of one person who matches the description and he’s been roundly ridiculed and told he’s an ass.

I would certainly be curious to see the list of posters who say that stuff who haven’t been censured.