Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

So you feel being an asshole is an intrinsic part of your nature?

Sounds to me like you do care. That you keep coming to this board to say stupid shit and then get your dick slapped shows us you care an awful lot about us seeing what you want to say. You care, we’re repelled by you, you care that we are repelled by you. It’s needy and creepy, really.
You’re the feral dog that shits on people’s yards even after they’ve turned the hose on it, b/c it just HAS to shit. And every time a person steps out w/ a hose the dog runs up to them for affection; but they’ll always get the hose.

There’s certainly a lot of broadbrushing, which I’ve criticized numerous times.

And vulgarity is frequent in the Pit, which you’ve chosen to spend most of your time on this board in. That’s your choice. Outside of the Pit, personal insults aren’t allowed, and thoughtful arguments are frequently responded to with thoughtful arguments of their own. Again, this board is what you’re making it, and your own experience is what you’re making of it right now. And that’s based on the choices you’ve made of who and what to respond to, and how to respond.

I feel like I’m watching someone dive into a mosh pit and complain about all the people shoving him.

None of it. You have not made it clear in any way. You say it’s because you refuse to be bullied online, and then you follow people around bullying them. You are unpopular not for your views but because you’re an asshole. I don’t even know what your views are because you just show up and bitch at people about being members of the Left. If anyone asks you what that means, you do not answer.

What do you hope to accomplish by being here, on this Board? Do you want to talk to people with a different point of view, and stretch and learn? Cool. There are lots of people willing to do that.

I think where you drive us all nutty is that you are the biggest hypocrite in the joint. You deride snark. You hate the Pit. You loathe bullying. But here’s the thing: You lead the pack in all of those activities. You are the king. You wallow in them like a pig in mud, and you cannot discuss them without plugging your ears, and chanting “no you”.

Grow up.

Fuckin A.

The irony, it burns.

Ah the old cliched false assertion disguised as a question. Stop dodging. You are making it a goal to get rid of me. I’m sure you can do better. Even if it means stepping up your dishonesty.

Yeah, defending myself from liars makes me the “asshole.”

Not posters like:

No. Those are the posters that you have an affinity for.

Ah and a fellow mod (former)

Yeah. That’s definitely “non assholish.” I wonder if that drug addled fool even remembers what triggered that diatribe.

These are the fine upstanding posters in the Pit who are going to correct me and show me the errors of my way. That way I too can be productive member of this board. Wrong!

Speaking of wrong. If you are going to strain to use analogies at least try to use analogies that are relevant and accurate.

The better analogy would have to do with defending myself against false statements that due to their frequency take on a life of their own and then being ridiculed for that defense. What you and your cohorts are engaged in is nothing more than victim blaming.

That’s very shameful behavior. Now you know that the tactic in the Pit is to find a target and flood the target with lies and other ad hominem attacks until the attacks become the reality. It’s deceptive and immoral. Yet it’s you all’s standard modus operandi. It’s transparent and obvious but it’s frustratingly effective because of how powerful group think is on this particular forum.

Speaking of group think…

Sunny Daze you’d be alright if you didn’t feel the need to impress the so-called cool kids. Look, there is nothing heroic about joining a pack of vultures and deliberately spreading lies about people and then laughing. You’d think such sociopathic behavior would be rare after middle school, but, alas, it’s not.

You, just like that doofus Colibri, should know better. Defending and fighting back is not the same as instigating the fight. You all are knowingly victim blaming because you know that the numbers you cowards have are far superior and that your attacks shape the reality. It’s an insidious catch-22 because the very act of defense becomes “proof” of an offense.

Now, I might not be able to convince anyone that the tactics you folks are using deceptive. I don’t care. What I won’t do is be a passive victim.

Break out my hip-waders, ma…it’s getting deep in here.

Just accept the fact that octopus is a cunt, put it on “Ignore,” and move on. Is Life really worth hassling with it?

What’s with the misogynistic speech and the misgendering? -10 SJW points for you.

Oh, you poor little snowflake. Playing the victim card, are we?

[my bolding and italics above]

This is the thing that stands out for me: That octopus doesn’t actually stand for anything much except bitching. I too have no idea what his actual views are, what politics/policies are meaningful to him, which he promotes and which he repudiates.

All I know from octopus on this board is that he staggers around the forums idly pissing in threads just for shits and giggles…then complains about people being meanies to him.

If there’s anything more substantive to octopus, I’d love someone to show me some examples. ‘Cos at this point, I got nothin’.

I’m Crow Many Clouds, and I approve this message. Also, potty mouth . . . just 'cause I find it so ridiculous.

CMC fnord!

Wait, wait, wait. In your assessment, I think you’re an idiot because I’m running with the wrong gang? Imma have to check my Liberal Cue Card[sup]TM[/sup] for that one: is it patronizing, sexist, or creepy? Hard call. You’ve earned “idiot” and “asshole” all on your own.

See, this is what it’s like living in Bizarro-world.

The pit allows such dishonesty that you believe defending oneself from defamation is offense and that being bogged down with engaging these pit trolls means there is nothing of substance. You are getting cause and effect confused.

I’m in the Pit precisely because I was pitted for my views. The reason I am hated and ridiculed by the hive is because the pitting hasn’t worked. As masterful as these folks in the pit are at verbal abuse, dishonesty, gaslighting and victim blaming I’m glad I don’t know them in real life. If they have spouses or children I hope they are safe. Whoever came up with the lame rationale that the pit is a “safety valve” is a dumb ass. The Pit just enables misanthropic behavior and causes animosity.

You ask me a normal question and I don’t have to deal with a pack of sociopaths misrepresenting everything then we can have a normal conversation.

Yeah, that’s what you were told to say. Dance monkey.

You are occasionally amusing. Damnit.

Wow…what a lot of complaining that didn’t address my post ONE SINGLE IOTA.

I’m not writing a manifesto here. Ask some questions and have a discussion and you will get answers. Attack with baseless insults and you won’t. It’s simple and far more fair than you folks.

Where have I attacked you in this thread?

I asked someone, anyone (even you perhaps?) to point out some actual substantive contributions to this board. Like sharing ideas, asking for input, maybe even having a debate, heaven forbid.

But still, nothing.

I’m patient though…