Octotard is a fucktard!!!!!!!!


Congratulations troll.

You figured out how to bait the mods into closing a thread that you don’t like, and that they find uncomfortable, so that they the mods, don’t want to deal with so, they find any reason to close it, to end the discussion, because they are uncomfortable dealing with the issue.

Congratulations on finding the mods weak point.

You child fucking, shit eating, retarded troll.

If that’s an Oxford comma situation then lets hope it extra annoys the troll.

You mods really need to ban this troll. Along with Starving Rapist and the others misogynists.

Or are you that fucking cowardly, “for Free Speech”?

Meh. They’ve very often just chosen to tell the poster that talking about the other board isn’t relevant.

Which is very much isn’t. Is he just picking things that piss people off out of a hat now? What’s next, the having a Pit is going to be why condoning rape should be allowed?

Did I miss something? That thread wasn’t closed. I mean, I’m cool with calling octopus anything, that guy is a complete waste of oxygen, but it doesn’t look like his baiting was successful at all. So, a fail, like octopus himself.

I’m really really uncomfortable with the -tard suffix. It perpetuates the idea that people with mental disabilities deserve contempt.

To be clear, Octopus deserves contempt.

Also, the “child fucking” seems a tad out of line, even for the Pit.

I agree, what’s wrong with calling Octopus a piece of fucking shit?

It perpetuates the idea that fecal matter is not a natural and important part of the ecosystem. What’s wrong with just saying you don’t care for that octopus gentleman?

Shouldn’t it be a play on his name? I mean, what’s wrong with octoprick? Maybe octopussy, which does not seem to be a reference to women’s genitals.

The term “gentleman” is used to perpetuate a patriarchal system which intersectionally creates a differential power dynamic and denies a voice to historically underrepresented members of a binary-centric, gender normative thingamabob.

Apologies in advance to anyone named “Bob”.

Countdown to Octocrap popping in to have a hissy fit about all the swearing:


He claims that he doesn’t like swearing because he lets his kids read the Dope with him. At what point do the kids realize, “wow, dad is really unpopular?”

And kind of skeevy.
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One of these days your perpetually unhinged and incoherent mind is going to snap.

Hmm. I count 1,2,3 ah-ha, 4,5,6,7 and 8 of these things —> ! Wow, nice touch Drunky. I like the attention to detail.

I see what you are doing there. You want to hog the suffix. No sir!

Hey kids, if you’re reading this, start locking your bedroom doors at night!

Easy. He says Hey, kids! See that kaylasdad99 guy? That’s your old man.


Didn’t get very far, although everyone really dialed it back. Very accommodating you lily-livered buffoons.