Odd board message

What does this mean

It’s been coming up when I accessed the board this evening.

If you can read this thread, the problem has been solved.

We don’t know what it was, really. Well, maybe one of the tech guys does. It is fixed now, so I suppose that’s all that matters for now.

So it is written, so it is done.

Well, a parse error is when the parser cannot parse the file in question. The global.php file is one of the important ones in this site. It contains a computer program that tells the server how to generate an html document (a web page) from the database of posts and stuff. The parser is the first step in decoding this document. That is where it is determined whether the php file actually follows the correct grammar rules. Apparently, some little bit of text got dropped from global.php at some point. The techs probably just reloaded a backup copy of the file.

Just in case you really cared.

I got this same message yesterday. But when I clicked on one of the moderator names to email them to let them know, the same parse message was diplayed.

If there was any reason for having a MAILTO: tag on the board for the moderators, instead of a link for their profile page, this is it.

Otherwise one cannot email the moderators to let them know something is happening with the board.