Odd houseguest behavior.

What’s your oddest/worst experience with houseguests?

Here’s mine (it’s pretty tame):

I had a friend and her husband over for the weekend - this woman and I were good friends in middle and high school, but had since lost touch. I’m going to lose touch with her again - permanently. She badmouthed her husband to me and my husband in front of the poor guy (she called him fat, lazy annoying, stupid, etc.), and she also shushed him all the time. “M, shut up.” “If you don’t shut your damn mouth, I’m going to sew it shut,” as though she were his mom or something.

But I think the weirdest, absolutely worst thing for me was when she and her husband were getting ready in the morning. They weren’t having sex or anything - no, instead my acquaintance would walk in and shower, leaving the bathroom door all the way open. No big deal, right? But her husband would walk in, still leaving the door open and use the bathroom while she was in there. We could hear them talking, could hear him peeing - everything. He even took a dump in there with the door open. We had the pleasure of hearing that, too. He was grunting with the strain. I was fine with the showering, but who doesn’t close the bathroom door to take a crap while they’re in someone else’s house??

When this acquaintance of mine came out (and cut her nails into the wastebin that she dragged into the middle of my living room), I asked her to keep the door shut next time because the acoustics in that room were quite good and we heard everything. She just blythely said, “Oh, all married couples go to the bathroom together. It’s no big deal.”

The discussion that ensued from that comment is another thread entirely. But anyway, I’m sure there are even worse tales of strange guest behavior out there. So, please, feel free to share.

This is the third or fourth time I’ve used this story, so if you’ve heard it, sorry, skip ahead.

My wife knows this guy from childhood. They were friends through high school. Right after high school, he married and had 3 daughters in a few years. After the third was born, his wife left him, so he raised them by himself. Mostly living on welfare and moving from place to place.

Anyway, a couple years ago, they were supposed to get a house from public aid, but the place that they were living in was throwing them out 2 weeks early. So we allowed them to stay with us for the 2 weeks. The oldest daughter had gotten married and moved out and the middle daughter was pregnant with the father having run off.

First of all, we had to drive all the way from Detroit to Charleston, WV to get them, them not having a car or money for a bus.

The guy and the younger daughter were fine, but the middle daughter was a pain. She complained about everything. She complained in the car ride that the seat was uncomfortable, she complained about the food with every meal (food that we were supplying of course). Once, we were having hamburgers on the grill. She exclaimed she didn’t like hamburgers on the grill and wanted hers fried. So her father ran in and cooked it for her.

We were having sausage and eggs for breakfast and she announced she didn’t like sausage. By this time we were like, “ok, don’t eat any”. Then, after everyone else had finished and gotten up from the table, I saw her sneak a sausage.

Also, if she didn’t like what was on TV, she would sit there and sigh.

She hasn’t been allowed back.

A visiting pastor when I was a kid, who stayed with us over the weekend.

Highlights From That Weekend:

My parents told him that if he had any errands to run they wouldn’t mind if he borrowed the car. (He flew in.)

He took them at their word. He was gone in that car all damn day. My mother cooked lunch and dinner and he never showed up for either. He never called. He was literally gone for hours. Showed up around eight o’clock p.m., having been gone since before lunch. Didn’t put any gas in the car to replace all that he’d used, didn’t explain where he’d been, and didn’t apologize for leaving us with only one vehicle all day long even though my dad had to work.

I was around eleven years old, and I was drawing a pencil portrait of our dog at the kitchen table when he left. It was coming out pretty well; our dog was a Shar-Pei so I was pretty pleased with myself for getting it right.

As he’s walking out the door he looks over my shoulder and says, “Well done! It almost looks like a dog.”

I am assuming that by now, within the intervening sixteen years, somebody has seen it as their duty to kick his ass. God bless them, whoever they are.

I searched for that thread about the woman who wiped her ass with a towel and then put it back in the stack of towels at her friends house.

overlyverbose, you must know my mother-in-law. She is constantly talking about how her husband and her son (my husband) ruined her life by marrying her and being born. She also goes to the bathroom while leaving the door open. She criticizes everything I do, points out where the flaws are in the floors and furniture, and interrupts and talks over me at every opportunity. She was just here over the weekend, and she threw such a fit at one point that her husband took her home early.

The worst thing she ever did was cajole her husband to come visit me and my husband when we were living in Tucson. It was our first Christmas as a married couple. It was my husband’s only vacation that year. They came and stayed for THREE WEEKS in our 1,000 square foot apartment, the entirety of his vacation and then some. I was their slave, always cooked dinner and cleaned and had to provide entertainment, while being told by my mother-in-law what a terrible job I was doing. I was trying so hard to be a good wife and daughter-in-law. Christmas was awful that year. I will never forgive her for that.

When I was a young chappy, mum and dad had a houseguest come to stay from the good ol’ USofA (heh, that -like- rhymes, dude!). Now, this woman (she was no lady) wasn’t a friend of mum and dad, but a friend of a friend, so my parents did their best to be accomodating hosts. As you do.

So, she arrived and promptly takes over the damn house…

Mum kicked me out of my room so la guest could sleep in my bed (and to this day mum feels no remorse at taking my space from me for a stranger’s hedonistic comfort! grrrr). This would have been ok, except la guest left the electric blanket on for 48hours! In the middle of April! (which is barely autumn in Oz!).

What’s more, she shut me out of my room and my stuff. Which is ok from a privacy standpoint, but I was maybe ten years old! So I had no concept of not being allowed to access my stuff!!!

She also insisted on taking half-hour showers. To explain, Sydney is very dry and you DO NOT waste water that way - this could be simple cultural ignorance, but when dad suggested it might be prudent to have shorter showers, cos of the water issue, she blythely ignored him and continued having these marathon bathing sessions.

And then, (cos she was such a charming houseguest), she made phone call after phone call after phone call. Tying up the family phone for the bulk of the time she was actually in the house. She’d then get off the phone and announce that she needed to be somewhere, cos she was ‘meeting people’. The expectation being that dad would drive her wherever she wanted

I really had no idea, but I’m assuming she thought Australian hotels were just like normal houses, cos she certainly treated our house like a hotel (wet towels left on the bed too. The bed with the electric blanket still running!!!).

To make things worse, when she left it was just ‘bye, it was nice staying with you’. Not even a ‘thank you’.

But this still isn’t as bad as the towel-wiping story in post #4

This isn’t that bad compared to some of these stories, but I thought it was highly weird at the time.

A close friend of mine from college and his wife came to visit for a weekend. They were only over for 3 days, but for some reason, they felt the need to give each other haircuts in my bathroom and leave half the hair on my counter, sink, and floor. WTF?!? They both cut their hair too, not just one of them. And they must have planned that, because they had to have haircutting scissors, right? I have never gotten a good explanation for that behavior.

One of the hair conditioners on my shelf contained “bluing” (I had three others too). The bitch of a friend of my roommate literally squeezed the whole bottle on the wall of the tub. It cost $19 for a 12 oz bottle!! She wanted to see what color it was. And no, she didn’t try to rinse it off. :mad: :mad: :mad:

I would have made that bitch (or the roommate if she refused) pay for that bottle. TOTALLY inconsiderate.

When I was about fourteen years old, we had a friend of my parents over for dinner. My stepmom had made some kind of casserole from total scratch and had worked on it off and on all day. It was something that the rest of the family absolutely loved when she made it. So imagine our surprise when our dinner guest jumped up after one bite, grabbed his plate, and emptied the contents into our garbage disposal all the while proclaiming that he had never tasted anything so awful in his life. Then he went back to the table and picked up his glass of iced tea, carried it to the sink, told us the tea was pretty bad too and poured it down the drain.

We all just sat there completely stunned.

Good lord.
I open threads like this (worst/weirdest ineractions with other humans) for some amusement, and I am never short of disgusted at the range of bad behavior shown by people.
Seriously, I am not even a stickler for Etiquette (capital ‘e’), but some of this is just unreal.

I found this odd but not inconsiderate.

We had a married couple over who had their first kid, and he was around 2. They showed up in the evening and left the next day around 11:00 AM.

The mom gave him 3 baths while they were there. She kept saying, “oh, his face is dirty. He’s got dirt all over his face” even though the kid was spotless.

That’s odd behavior, period. She just happened to be a houseguest.

Sounds like she had OCD.


However, she didn’t seem to do anything else at all that was “OCD-ish” and my wife has been friends with her a long time and didn’t really see anything like it before this.

Still, it’s conceivable that having the baby just “flipped an OCD switch” or something. I read an article recently about OCD and how it’s onset has been linked with a common disease, like strep throat or something. (not saying one caused the other. There was a researcher who noticed a strong correlation between kid’s onset of OCD and a bout with the disease).

:eek: We had a houseguest when I was a teen; my paternal uncle. Anyway, he was going to stay for like 2 weeks but suddenly he had to leave tomorrow and my parents were all serious and qorried.

I found out after he’d left he’d tried to involve my dad - his own brother - in a scam. He was trying to scam his elder brother. And my mom saw through it.

Wasn’t there a similar thread, where someone posted about an uninvited guest to a party, who decided to take a shower. No one at the party knew this person except the guest she came with. Maybe it was the same thread that Zebra mentioned.

Oddest houseguest behavior I’ve ever had were the ones who simply wouldn’t leave. I finally just moved. 100% true story.

OK, am I the only one driving myself crazy trying to find that houseguest wiping their butt on the towel thread? :o

Not as horrible as some of the stories posted here, but still weird:

Friends of my S.O. came and stayed with us…and somehow used an entire double roll of toilet paper and over half of another one in two days. :confused:

What were these people, cats or something? :mental image of two large cats gleefully and furiously unrolling all the toilet paper and draging it off to hide it somewhere in the house:

When my husand and I got married, we weren’t able to afford a honeymoon, so we just decided to go to the creek and hang out until we had to return to work that Monday. Well my maid of honor and one of his groomsmen came with us for, we thought, just the day. Then they followed us home, and stayed the night, and the next and the next. For the three days the spent with us the made a horrible mess, had noisy sex in my living room, bathroom, and kitchen. I mean my husband I weren’t alone on our wedding night! They even expected us to feed them and entertain them. The said part way the groomsman was family and the maid was supposed to be my best frind. Glad they had fun on my wedding.