Odd hyperlink problem


If I try and create two or three links in a post and the words are in a row, it appears as one big hyperlink instead of mulitple links.

This isanexample.

I did this by typing in:

This is an example

And then creating a link using the insert link function for the words is, an and example.

I am using Chrome and I do not know if it happens in other browsers.


P.S. I think this it the right place for this. If not, please move it.

It looks as though each of those three links goes to the same place, the forums home page. Could you try it again with each going to a different place?

Works OK in Firefox.

Did you doubleclick each word as you were creating the links? If so, that’s why you got what you got (at least in Firefox). Double clicking selects the word and the following space. Notice that I created two links even though they look like one. Select just the word without selecting the following space and things should work.