Odd little man standing on my bookshelves

This post has been brought to you by the rather surreal morning I’m having.

You see, someone who is not me decided that I needed new window blinds in my office. I’m really OK with that, since the old ones were falling down. And they hired a contractor to do this installation. After several weeks involving measuring and consultation with me, random office resident, about mechanisms with which to hold up said blinds up in a cinderblock window frame, the glorious day is finally here.

Whoopee. You can sense my excitement at having my little personal space invaded. I don’t like people in it, much less strange little muttering men with spectacular ear-to-ear comb overs.

This would be a mere annoyance, however, if it weren’t for the fact that on what seems to be every other breath, the man hawks himself up a nice juicy loogie. This must be a nervous tic, but it’s driving me to distraction. I clearly must regain my sensibilities, and post about it on the SDMB.

Perhaps he will throw some more tools at me, and be done soon. He has just stapled himself to the window frame.

Now that is pure talent. He sounds like he’d be a perfect federal employee.

Did he ever get loose? Or maybe you coud just call him drapery.

Prop up one of his arms, and put a potted plant in his hand. I’m sure there must be a way to hang a swag lamp off of him, too. That’s what Martha would do…


I don’t know why, but this sentence makes me happy.

Ah, but if I had used him for an decorative accessory, I would have had to endure the mumbling for months.

After he left, my evil coworkers sneaked up outside my office door, and made the most amazing sequence of hacking noises I have ever heard. It sounded like a 200-pound house cat was choking up a hairball in the hallway. Rotten people!

Did he, by any chance, staple himself to the window frame with a RED stapler?