odd problem with " and ' in computer

XP SP2, and probably just a wrong setting somewhere, but when I type " or ’ nothing happens until I press another key and it suddenly pops up. This happens in any program (IE, word, notepad, Open Office). Very annoying and it makes it difficult to insert them in the right place for instance.

My language and keyboard are set to (English US) and keyboard to US-international if that helps

This is normal behavior for the US-International keyboard. The quotation marks are now dead keys. This allows you to more easily type in accents. Try typing " and then a, and you’ll get ä. If you type ’ and then a, you’ll get á. This works for a few other keys as well: à, â, ñ. The disadvantage, as you’ve noted is that you need to type in a space if you just want a plain quotation mark. If this annoys you then set your keyboard back to English (US).

thanks terminus - it was driving me nuts