Comp Q : I try to type quotation marks, but they don't appear until i hit space?

Ok this is almost certainly a VERY simple question…

On most of the computers I use i just hold shift, and press a button and i get a (") displayed.
However since i’ve started using my new Asus laptop loaded with Windows Vista I hold shift, press the button with the (") on it, and nothing happens until i press another key, THEN the (") appears and i continue typing.
It also doesnt “close” the inverted commas when i want to, which requires me to go though a routine of pressing 3 or 4 buttons before i get what i want.

Does this make any sense to anyone and is there a way to fix it?

(P.s If you can, please put things in as simple terms as possible!)

Does this happen in all applications? (Try typing a quote mark into the google search box, for example.)

I am running a Vista machine, and I don’t have this happen at all on mine.

Sounds like you have the international keyboard turned on. Go to and follow the instructions—except, obviously, when it tells you to choose “United States - International” choose the plain one, which is, as I recall, “US”, and get rid of the International one.

I agree with BorgHunter, as I intentionally use this keyboard setting for typing alternate characters. These are called “dead keys”. If you must also use space to type ^ ’ or ~, this is definitely the issue.