Odd U2 Burning ship castle eye-less man dream and a bad day afterwards.

I was having one of those dreams where you think what’s happening is real, and you’ve even asked yourself and said “This must be real cos I just woke up from a dream and…well… I am now awake” (in a castle, with my parents… having just dreamt about being in a castle)

In the dream I thought I awoke from I was a little girl who’s job it was to make sure a rifle aimed well. Only the rifle was one of those pathetic little bb shooters they probably gave to American kids in the fifties, and my shooting range was the vast type they use to test sniper-rifles. Well I knew my gun would do no good 'I was too ‘dream drunk’ to focus so I just aimed using ‘the force’. All the time this was set several hundred years ago and Time not spent firing the rifle was spent either sprinting around dungeons avoiding supervisor type people or doing hard work that would be tiring for grown men let alone little girls (please, don’t ask me why I was a little girl in this dream. Maybe I miss my nieces… which I do)

Later on I was myself again (a large man who’s daylight self-image is that of a suave James-Bond super SAS dude disguised as an overweight manx resident) I was in Peel (look it up. See my location) at some kind of ship-burning festival (such a festival exists IRL). I am on the castle (this time modern day) and I hear U2 playing. Only they are playing badly so I decide they must be a bad tribute band. But quickly they start to sound good, and everyone else seems to realize this at the same time so a mad rush ensues (Me included. I decide, while I’m not the mad rushing type, it wouldn’t be that bad to catch a glimpse of Bonno). But before long the band finishes playing, the mad rush departs, and the band is revealed to be a couple of beardy blokes, clearly not U2.

I start to climb some ancient castle stairs. The stairs come to an end, and a wooden framed structure continues. Only it’s obviously been built by blind monkeys because it doesn’t make going further any easier. Basically to avoid a 50foot drop I have to grab hold of a beam and swing round and land on flat rock. I complete this move sucessfully (just) and turn round to help the next guy. He struggles. I struggle to grab his coat. I fail. He fails. He falls… hitting beams on his way (the last beam is quite a difficult one to watch him hit as his speed has peaked) Shortly after seeing him hit the beam I see his limp body floating in the sea. Before I get time to decide what to do an old lady falls in (for some reason the water she falls into is a mere foot away. dreams eh) I grab her and get her out and. she’s still breathing but complains about a wart on her neck. I say to her I must do something about that guy, but she says “No… help me!” I ignore her. and suddenly the water where the guy is floating is also a foot away. I grab him out.

I give him cpr, but he’s not responding. Suddenly his body moves ok, but I notice his mouth is full of sand. I’m not sure what to do… moments later I notice his eyeballs are missing and there is sand there instead. And he has no arms. Soon the sand in his mouth and eyes appears to be the wormy kind left on the surface of beaches by sand worms (As disturbing an image to remember as it may sound)

That dream ends and a new one begins, where me and relatives are negotiating waters edge (seems familiar) One falls off and crashes through a boat and under the water. Within seconds I start to panic and dispair wondering if he’s allright.

He’s out of the water. soaking wet. I points at a bridge and says we have to cross it. It quickly gets precarious and I worry deeply for my own safety and my two oldest nieces (who are with us on this journey). At the point where it gets so bad I am sure someone will fall in and be lost forever, the relative who fell in before sees a perfectly normal bridge further down and suggests we doulbe back and use that instead. Duh. So we start to double back. we get to an early point of the bridge. It’s steeper than I remember it, and slippier. I watch my nieces slide down. I start to slide. The dream ends.
Then I had a particularly depressing day. I’ve been off work nearly a week now. I spent the first few days drinking way too much, and the previous few days drinking nothing and sleeping little. During the drinking days I had taken a call from my dad and had to abort it because I was too drunk (he was quite understanding about it the day after, thinking I’d just “enjoyed a few beers in the sun”… if only he knew) My brain chose this day to realize that I missed the fortnight of quality time I’d spent with my nieces and brother two weeks previously. I’d not felt that depressed in a very long time… It didn’t help finding out a few days later that they missed me too and cried because of it. I departed to my bedroom and almost cried myself (but didn’t)

Sorry if the grammar and editing there is off. I decided to forgoe that in favour of getting it all out.

I’m going to put this on my LJ and edit it there.

The obvious edits so far being that The U2 Music getting better made my dream-self think it must be the genuine article. And where I say “I points at a bridge” I mean “He points at a bridge”

I baked my brain working out in the hot sun all day today. Now I’m relaxing with a brew or two while my meat sits in a rub. Brain no longer baked, but instead is swimming in beer. I read this thread.

Where the fuck did you get red bananas?

:wink: <---- wink

Ok, I don’t get it.
Since the OP I’ve realised the depression I’m [still] feeling is due to more than just missing my nieces. I am depressed because I don’t have any kids or a wife or SO, and I still live with my parents. After my bro and family left I was at work for a week, during which I felt more or less fine as always. Then I had my week off and began by drinking too much for a few nights… (still felt fine, albeit drunk, a lot) then stopped drinking… recovery… still not feeling depressed ,just a bit embarrased at the call from dad,… then I had that dream…

Since then I haven’t been able to shake off the sense of depression. I seriously think I’ve done some damage to my brain. I drank friday night (normal amount) because I was desperate for some relief. I haven’t drank a drop since, and I’ve felt close to despair since (you should know that I’m not addicted to drink. I can usually stop drinking for up to a week and not feel a drop of depression, just lack of sleep…which is why I usually relapse). To shake it off I’ve been doing a lot of summer walking. It did some good, but as soon as I get back home the depression kicks in and I feel like going right back out for more walking.

Right now you’re thinking I should get an LJ. I’ve got one but I’m posting this anyway as this is MPSMS and I have a long way to go to beat START in the personal-life-mundane-thread department.

So anyway. I’m hoping the depression is the result of a combination of the drink, the bad daytime TV (it can depress Ned Flanders on a good day) the break from routine. And I’m hoping getting back into the routine of work will get my brain-levels back to normal but this DAMN RATTLING KEYBOARD ISN’T HELPIIIINGGG!

I’m sure there’s more but the keyboard is getting on my nerves and I’ve typed a lot.

All this time, and I didn’t know you lived with your parents.

I know what you mean about missing kids that are close to you. When they’re not around, you feel like something is missing. But, in reality, it isn’t All that love, from both sides, is still there. It doesn’t have an off switch. Which is why I like cards. Send a card, get one back, it’s a great game! And so much more personal than an e-mail. Lasts longer than a phone call, too.

Let’s not forget one other thing. Alcohol is a depressant. So be careful. Your moods can really go to shit with overuse of the spirits.

The red bananas is part of a comedy skit from a now dead drug addict genius comic.

BTW, my baby cousins are all grown up now. I’m still the cool uncle, tho. Plus we’ve got two grade school nephews and an infant neice to dote on now. No, it’s not constant association, but that makes the visits and excursions all the more special that way.

Send those little kids a card, Lobs. They’ll love it.

That sounds like a good idea. I might just do that.
Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on so-to-speak :slight_smile:

::lifts glass to Lobbers, downs it, wheezes and sputters::