Odd Vandalism Of Library books-Ever Seen This?

It seemed to be common years ago. You would find a note on a page-it would simply say:“turn to page 271”.
You would go to that page, and there would be a note :
“turn to page 45”, etc.
obviously, somebody was bored…have you ever seen this?:smiley:

I remember this being quite common back in school, usually in textbooks. Just bored kids fooling around.

Never seen it in a public library book.

Not in library books, but in textbooks in jr. high. Usually ending with the extremely witty punchline “quite folloing me around!!”

(Frequently followed by “thats quit, you dumy” in different handwriting.)

Universal in the Arizona and California public school textbooks I saw from 1st through 12th grade. I never saw it as vandalism, though. As I recall, they were always done in pencil…

That’s a lousy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.