Odd Vonage behavior question

I have Vonage for my home phone. A minute ago, I called to activate a new ATM card, and after it was activated the automated voice was still jabbering on about something.

I hung up, and then my phone started ringing. It was The Voice, still going.

I’ve had this happen in the past, only with automated systems. Can anyone give me a clue what causes this oddness?

It’s not Vonage’s fault. I’ve used Vonage myself for a very long time. Right now, I have two business lines and one personal line.

Try using different phones. Many phones have the same key to end the call and to flash to call waiting; some of them sometimes flash to call waiting even when there’s no call there. Then they ring to remind you that you hung up on the other line. (I suppose this behavior might be an interaction between Vonage and certain types of phones, so maybe I should say “It’s not *just *Vonage’s fault”).