Odds of first responder to crime being a detective

I was watching some bank security footage, and I don’t have narration on the clip I’m watching.
The shots mostly cover the teller lines, so I can’t tell who has been in the branch for how long, etc
I’ve got a big guy with a dress shirt, suit pants and a poorly concealed pistol on him, and due to the low frame rate, I’m having trouble figuring out if his behavior is robber-ish or cop-ish.

If you have a bank robbery that begins with a subject robbing the branch and then peeling out in his car, resulting in a police chase a minute later, is it more likely that the first cop who shows up is going to be in uniform or wearing a suit?

Disclaimer: I have legal access to this footage. The situation has been resolved without injury to any parties, and the subject is now in the custody of the state. There is no urgency to my query.

Cops in uniform patrol around the city, detectives only go where they need to go. Also there are more uniform cops. Based on that I think the odds are a uniform cop responds first in most cases.

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I must have posted during a donut break or something…

I’ve now been informed of who the perp is.
I’m guessing the two big guys in suits from the footage are detective types.