Ode To The Teeming Millions

The Teeming Millions are like a warm, soft blanket, wrapping me snugly in their reliable responses, gently comforting my anxieties with their intelligent answers and reasonable opinions. They are like a nebulous hotline to heaven, almost to God himself it seems, by which almost any question can be quickly and thoroughly answered. They are like an omnipresent computer database, a magic keyboard and monitor, abundant with bits and facts and pieces and theories and viewpoints. They are like a friend, a fence, a mentor, a contact, a colleague, an expert, a sounding board, and a last resort.

I shall surely never know a better way to tap into the wisdom of the universe than through the harmonious, all encompassing power of The Teeming Millions!

A SDMB pink cloud? What?

Wow, that was a major suckup!

Y’mean herself.

God is a woman, or possibly conjoined bi-polar twins, who bicker all day.

Og like that a lot! Hey, Certainly, you want be Og’s pal? :stuck_out_tongue:

An “ode”?

Is that anything like Slumgullion?

'Cause a good hot dish of Slumgullion really hits the spot.