Of penises, middle fingers and ears...

Maybe the subject matter has already been dealt with in some for(u)m or another, but is there indeed a (direct) relationship between the size of the first organ and that of either of the other two, or does this fall into the realm of Urban Legends?

Well you know what they say about a man with big hands don’t you ?
That’s right they use a lot of soap .

I’d do some measuring (of me) and post ratios for you, but I don’t seem to have a measuring implement. If there are any cute girls in the Austin area who would like to lend me a ruler, and confirm measurements, let me know.

Still, I encourage the other men out there to post some ratios (not the actual values, just the ratios) in the name of science.

Yes, this has been discussed before. Here is a link which contains a link to the results of a study telling you more than you would ever want to know.

Thanks for the ref. Steve; but, unless I’m mistaken, it dealt with penis length globally and not with the urban legend to which I was referring.

Nerd: I was about to suggest the same thing, to rekindle interest. To start the ball rolling, I could say that ratio doesn’t necessarily apply, as far as I’m concerned…:slight_smile:

I figured ratios rather than (ahem) hard numbers would encourage more of the men on the small end of the bell curve to post. What we were discussing was the relationship between the anatomical features anyway, so the actual measurments aren’t important.

By the way, my offer to any cute Austin area girls (or farther away, if she’s willing to travel) still stands.

omni-not, if you will keep reading, the study actually does partially address what you were asking about. It shows the correlation between erect penis size and length of middle finger (among other correlations).

Actually, there were about a kazilljion links on the thread I had originally linked to, so in case you didn’t read this one, here it is.

Omni-not: So you’re saying you have huge hands but a teeny tiny infant-like penis? Okay. :slight_smile:


Steve: Many thanks. Must confess I missed it.
Homer: heh, heh, heh. Guess again…:wink:

I look down and I see tremendous feet, and if I recally correctly I got a little short-changed by your theory…
So my guess is that it might not be true.


Sorry, I accidentally put “you” when I obviously meant “I”. Won’t happen again. :wink: