Of pets and fireworks

That time of year, y’know…
Does your dog or cat scurry under the bed? Both of them? Or does Fluffy / Fido buck the trend and just hang, as usual? Always wondered about why they freak so easily - they think it’s gunshots? The frequencies of each “mini-explosion” (of sorts) is hard on their ear canals? Yosemite Sam Panic? (IANAV, I only play one on TV.)

What fireworks?

Perhaps the OP is in the UK. Guy Fawkes Night is Thursday.

My cats and dog do not like fireworks or thunderstorms. One of the cats hides in the basement; the other under the bed. The dog sticks close to us, but she is not happy. I’m guessing the noise bothers their more-sensitive hearing.

I should’ve put “firecrackers” in there, instead.
(which in this Canadian town usually go off for about two weeks prior to Halloween.)

Interesting. Nope, not part of our local traditions in this part of Canada.

(PS - sent you a pm a while ago.)

My Crew doesn’t seem to mind, but we’re pretty far out in the boonies. Somebody was setting them off a mile or so away tonight, but they didn’t hear them, or at least seem to mind.

I had Maggot Brain cranked up in the Jeep the other day, and they all started howling. Certain songs do that to them. You ain’t lived till you hear 5 dogs howling in a closed-up Jeep.

The 21 gun salute for the Queen’s Birthday is just a few blocks away. Drives big Piper Mutt crazy. We’re close enough that the windows rattle.

Piper Yorkie yaps a lot when they go off, but she yaps at everything.

Hell, I’m in Florida; tune in next Friday for the Happy November 6th fireworks display, courtesy of the attention whore that lives behind me.

No, my dogs don’t like fireworks, gunshots or motorcycles (even when on TV). They must sit really close to one (or both) of us for the duration.