Of Science you may now call me Master

It’s done! This is undoubtedly the hardest thing I’ve done in my life - but the exams are done, the dissertation has been printed and handed in, the viva has been prepared and presented, and with sweaty, trembling palms I 'umbly report that I have completed everything I need to do to be awarded my MSc.

Let’s assume I don’t fail the viva, because that would be most unfortunate. My exam results are decent, though, so I’m hoping to get a Distinction overall. I’m relieved… and yet feel somewhat flat. I need to have something to do, dammit! Anyone want to give me some work with an attached deadline so I won’t feel like my life is empty and meaningless, or worse, start feeling guilty about goofing off? These last few months have been rather intense, but I have strangely enjoyed stretching myself and seeing what I’m truly capable of.

It’s been an interesting year, and I will bid the dear alma mater goodbye with some nostalgia, and it will be a fond farewell, but since I’ve got a job in London and friends who are going on to study PhDs here, I’ll probably be seeing more of it than I think.

This feels good. :smiley:

Congratulations! Enjoy your victory. :slight_smile:


Enjoy the down time. Work will soon swallow it all up.

[sub]Cynical and jaded, me, never![/sub]


Of which science do we speak?

Dude, congrats! Want something to do? Get your ass over to GQ. None of this Googling up stuff. We expect you to know something, and fight ignorance with a sword in each hand.


Welcome to the club!

I learned way more and worked way harder for my BS than my MS but the MS opened a few more doors for me for some reason.



Well, it’s slightly less exalted than it could be. We speak of the Science that is of Computers.

Thanks all. It does feel like something of an accomplishment, but it’s still sinking in. I’m sure I’ll be turning cartwheels eventually.

I’m trying, I’m trying! I assist where I can, but I bow to superior knowledge in most cases. I’m spending plenty of time fighting my own ignorance, and working my way up from a single teaspoon to eventual dual-core-swording. Upgrades have to await experience.

Gee, thanks for the uplifting messages. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I will enjoy the work I’m going to be doing, so I don’t fear it quite as much, although to be gainfully employed for the first time in my life is a scary thought. I’ve got so used to being a peniless student.

Now would be the perfect time to pursue other interests. An Ms in computer science may balance well with something else like Botany, Bowling, or Brewing. YOu should forestall entry into the “real world” as long as you need to.

Are you sure you can be called Master?

I just received corrections to a dissertation I turned in on the 19th of July and they are due on the 11th of September. Obviously the stupid cunt bitch editor failed chemistry and she’s taking it out on me! That lazy fucking bitch took the month before I defended off, so I couldn’t even ask her for advice. Then I race around like a mad man visiting her 4 times in a week and every time she has more corrections for me to make. Finally I turned it in, and they are supposed to give me my corrections within two weeks! I just received them today. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So, I bet you think you know more than we do:

'cause you have a Masters Degree…in SCIENCE!

Thats not a science, thats an MBA(comp)

Master of Black Arts (comp)

Congrats :wink:

Si (who majored in Computer Science as part of a Social Science degree - I was bored by pure sciences by then)

Congrats, from a fellow Master (well, actually I’m an MChem, not an MSc), who hightailed it out of the world of science PDQ… :wink: