Of SOs, smart-assery, and PMS

Ladies, is it just my husband who shows a remarkable talent for picking the week I have the worst case of PMS crankies to ratchet up the smart-ass tendencies and general bone-headedness, or do other spouses/significant others do this too? He’s a basically decent human being, but not exactly socially adept.

Side data point: a lot of times, the crankies are my first warning I’m due soon, due to irregular cycle, so there isn’t a consistent timing on this.

Men, is it just MY wife that finds my normal behavior funny and amusing, except when she has the worst case of PMS crankies, or do other spouses/significant others do this too? She’s basically a decent human being, but kind of blind to her own grumpiness.

Side data point: she’s very irregular, so determining WHEN she’s going to be cranky is a fool’s errand.

I don’t think this thread needs any more posts. That was perfect. :smiley:

<golf clap>

I laughed out loud when I read the OP. Then I laughed harder when I read the first response. Yeah, my husband gets really annoying when I’m really irritable, too. Dang him. Dang him to heck.

(laughing at Turek) I suppose it does depend on one’s POV, but it really does seem like my husband picks around then to ramp up the smart-assing and other annoyances past his normal baseline. :slight_smile:


To the OP: I think he does because he sees that I am getting grumpy and it’s his way of cheering me up. When it doesn’t work, I know Aunt Flo is coming for a visit soon.

I just want to know how my daughter, extended family and coworkers know I’m PMSing and start behaving in annoying ways??? Is there a sign on my forehead??

Yeah, it’s gotta be him, it couldn’t possibly be you!

POV question. From the household member POV, can’t be him (or her), must be the hormonal person. :slight_smile:


It could be both. Some people may respond to crankiness with increased jerkitude.