Off-shoot of Nickolodeon Thread

I’m disabled (in a wheelchair), would you object if a show was presented showing disabled people as people defined by virtue of the fact they are in a wheelchair?

Sorry, don’t quite follow you. :confused:

You mean a show that purported to be about “disabled people” that ONLY showed “people in wheelchairs”, as opposed to also showing “blind people” or “deaf people”?

I think I get where erictelevision is going with this, that “PC” types define gays by their sexuality as he is speaking of defining handicapped people by their handicap. I would object to the show you suggest, defining people by any one characteristic is stupid- presenting any group as monolithic is wrong.
My question would be what does that have to do with the Nickelodeon show? Neither gays, nor christians were presented as a monolithic group.

I didn’t watch it, but heard enough about it to get a grasp of what was said. My point is that minorities tend to be DEFINED by what makes them a minority, not their humanity.

I didn’t see the show either, but from reading the other thread, I don’t think it was trying to define people. Though that often is done. Like when you put a member of a minority group on a televison show, people might say it’s pandeirng or it’s showing open-mindedness. In either case, you’ve looked at the person as a minority rather than as a regular person.