Off the cuff joke

How do you eat Matrix chili?

With a fork of course.


There is no spoon.
Hard to believe my 16 years old didn’t catch it for several minutes, he did eventually, five to be exact. The groaning went on a while too. :slight_smile:

Still did better than me.

What’s the joke? Is this like the “The cake is a lie” thing?

‘There is no spoon’ is a line from The Matrix.

Had to look it up, but 1999 was the year the first one came out.
He wasn’t born yet, but he has watched them all several times.

It took me a few seconds, but I didn’t immediately associate “Matrix” in the first line with the movie. My thought process was “there is no spoon? Huh? Oh, yeah, that Matrix. Ha ha.”

When you have to work your way backwards through a joke, it usually isn’t as funny.

Dad jokes are rarely funny to anyone but Dad. Kinda follows Puns.
I was really after the groans. I’m just sad it took so darn long for him to get it.

I have a talking horse named Mayo.
Mayo neighs.

You tell 'em, Operator.

You’ve got their number.