Office Christmas party this afternoon: who will make the biggest fool of himself?

The office Christmas function rolls around for another year this afternoon. It’s shaping up to be a warm and humid day so no doubt there will be plenty of alcohol consumed. Last year we were all entertained by a wonderfully embarrassing exhibition by a (now ex) staff member who got completely plastered and made an absolute fool of himself. Everyone’s wondering whether we’ll see anything as entertaining this year.

Our department’s party is tonight. We’ve always been a close-knit group and felt free to become a tad inebriated in front of each other in years past. This year, due to acquisitions, we’ve got a bunch of new people. I wonder if it’ll be toned down or …

It’s going to be cold outside, so no doubt lots of libation will be consumed. :wink:

Just hope it’s not you!

Our company has a get together every year at a nearby bar. We reserve the whole back half of the joint. This get together is tomorrow. I will report back.

There’s a fair amount of competition (not deliberately, just by default) at our Christmas bash. I certainly didn’t win last year since I did none of the following:

[ul][li]Fall arse over tit into the bushes and not be able to get out[]Sing unbelievably badly in the Karaoke (uncharacteristicly sensibly I didn’t sing at all).[]Throw up (always popular) extra points for hitting a director.Kiss the CEO on the head[/ul][/li]
There were many other incidents that I missed as I was terribly drunk at the time.