Office Desk - Grey spray paint - anyone sell it?

Any older office bldg literally has thousands of grey metal (steel) desks. They were sold by the hundreds of thousands in the the 40’s,50’s,60’s and 70’s. Often paired with a grey metal swivel chair. Cubicles made from particle board replaced the old steel desks in the 80’s but the old stock of steel desks is still huge.

I got one from the State Recycling Center in nice shape with a white Formica top for my home office.

Like most older office desks, the pen,pencil, paper clip tray in the center drawer has much of the paint worn off. Thirty plus years of use will do that. :wink:

Is their a standard office grey spray paint? Something that would be a really close match?

I’d like to repaint just the pen/pencil tray and have a reasonable match.

You’d think that there would be a standard office grey. They must of used millions of gallons of the stuff making all that office furniture for 4 decades.

I have a buddy who owns an office furniture company in Chicago.
I’ll ask him Monday and PM you. I worked a few weekends when his dad owned the company and we were in highschool and I remember repainting desks was quite common.

thanks Zoid. :smiley: I figure there’s some standard shade of Rust-OLeum that they use. Probably not called office desk grey because that’s too easy and obvious. But, people that repair and repaint steel office furniture would know what matches the old factory finish.

I’m real pleased with the desk I found at our state recycle center. Items are placed in the reserve area for other state agency to purchase for thirty days. Then it goes into the public area where anyone can buy. I had about 12 steel desks to pick from for under $60. But, then a coworker & I had to load it in my truck by myself. Those recycle center guys don’t help load.

I’ve bought stuff for my job’s office too with purchase orders. Picked up 6 UPS for a song. Installed new rechargeable batteries and they worked like new. Finally got every staff PC on its own UPS.

Paint that part “caution green.”

No problem.
What make is it, Steelcase I’m guessing?
Kind of need to know who made it to find the right paint.

I haven’t seen a manufacturer’s plate anywhere. It’s the standard layout. Three drawers on the left and 1 drawer with a filing drawer on the right. Shallow drawer in the middle for papers, pens, clips etc.

Anyplace special they like to put the manufacturer’s plate with serial number?

I got a key by using the number on the lock. That’s pretty common for desks. We do the same at work when a new key is needed.

You might find something useful on these [ur]“”]pages. Most seem to be far too willing to spend $500 restoring a $50 desk, put worth reading.

Here’s a link to OEM spray paint colors. $20-$25 seems to be average for color-matched paint.

Agreed, $20-$25 is about what it’s gonna cost you for a color matched spray can.

Well, according to the drawer lock code C429A, it’s a GF desk. Google Image confirms there was a company called GF making steel desks.

At least that’s what this dealer says it is. Under the key # box, there’s a C429A key listed for $12.

Holy Cow! General Fireproofing?!
That is an old desk - built like a tank though.

My sore back agrees. Built like a tank. We used our dept’s desk mover gadget and it was still a work out getting it in the truck and in my house.