Official 83rd Academy Awards thread

Wow, Alice over Inception for art direction???

Well, at least this means King’ Speech won’t be sweeping.

Inception for cinematography; a worthy choice.

WOW, big upset! Cinematography goes to Wally Pfister for Inception over Roger Deakins for True Grit

Tim Burton films are now 4-for-4 in this category. Previous winners: Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd

Wow, both the first two were surprises. I was so sure Inception would get Art Direction and True Grit would get Cinematography.

I haven’t seen True Grit, so I can’t really compare, but Inception’s cinematography was INCREDIBLE, so I’m surprised it would be called an upset. I expect it to clean up on the visual and sound nominations as well (note, these are NOT technical awards).

Roger Deakins got robbed for Cinemetography. It’s a crime that guy doesn’t have an Oscar yet.

Wow, I can’t believe Inception won that.

Kirk Douglas: heh, the stroke may have slowed him down, but he can still deliver a line.

Kirk Douglas is heartbreakingly old!

Poor Kirk Douglas. I didn’t know he’d declined this much.

I’m not upset myself, I just assumed Deakins would win. He’s never won.

I just saw Animal Kingdom last night. Jackie Weaver was awesome in that.

What did Kirk Douglas say about Franco?

“You look even better out of the…”



What was it?

Well, he had that huge stroke.

Well good for him. His speech abilities have suffered but obviously his mind is still sharp.

That was painful (Douglas).

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo

Animal Kingdom is the only “regular” movie nominated in all the categories that I didn’t see.

Get 'em Kirk!

Out of the cave. (I.e. from 127 Hours.)

Lord, I couldn’t wait for Douglas to just read the name…

Those glamour shots worked!