Official Blatant Lefty SDMB Hypocrisy Apology Thread

I, elucidtaor, do hereby renounce, denounce, and condemn any and all examples of blatant lefty doper hypocrisy, and do most solemnly beg the pardon and forgiveness of our Official Scold, friend Bricker.

I hereby extend this blubbering apology to any and all such examples of blatant lefty doper hypocrisy that **Scold Bricker **has previously exposed, and any such examples as he may uncover in the future.

I further urge the Shining Ones to construct a smiley depicting a typical SDMB lefty in the act of blatant hypocrisy, so that Scold Bricker may access it at any time, on any thread, and save himself valuable time to apply to other, more useful, pursuits, such a tending to his knitting and the construction of tiresome legalistic justifications for the behavior of the Forces of Darkness.

So let it be written, so let it be done! Tremble, and obey.

Very well then. See that you keep your wits about you in the future.

I stand with luci, please accept my blanket approval of all of his acts. Also, this OP really made me laugh.

As long as you know what you did was wrong, then, OK.

Still misspelled, though.
Also, none of the pit threads I entered today made any sense whatsoever to me.

Is that the one who said the left’s hypocrisy is preventing him from voting for Obama? Wow, if this is what it takes to make him stop his concerned strolling through threads, pointing out instances of lefty hypocrisy – then I’d like to join in the mass apology.

Umm… link?

Are you going to punish luci?

Can I watch?

Better yet, just the quoted transgression and subsequent scolding.

Saves time from having to wade through multipage squabbling.

I apologize for nothing, but I will apologize for not being able to apologize.

Sorry if that’s not clear.

Finally, a thread were I can assuage my life-long guilt for not tolerating intolerance.

Don’t say I never dun nuthin’ for ya.



Very cogently put, Revtim.

I find myself wracked with remorse for disapproving of political shenanigans of all stripes–and actually saying so outright. Being a scum of an Independent is insufficient to erase the guilt. Nonparticipation in every political thread is sufficient proof of my tacit approval of the fault/outrage under discussion.

I mistrust all politicians. Skepticism is a side effect of those medications I’ve never taken.

Does your apology also include this?

In my head, every time I read Scold Bricker in the OP, I hear horses whinnying in the distance.

As long as you know, Rick, that in the name of logical consistency you are now obligated to be the first one to bring up all instances of unethical behavior, or even accusations of unethical behavior, by those on the right side of the political spectrum. Otherwise, you’re a blatant righty doper hypocrite.

I just have a question in regards the smiley you want. Can I have one too? You know, me and any others like me. Somewhat to the left of Noam Chomsky. yeah ok, it’s probably just me

I’m heartily sorry that Bricker is such a tool.

Speaking of which, anybody know if Bricker started any OP’s or posted strong condemnation during the discovery of voter suppression/intimidation during the last two elections?

You can go ahead and drop the “otherwise.” I think it’s time.