Official "Must See" You Tubes

Kindly post appropriately.

Here’s one:

Not even the tiniest hint what it’s about? Pretty please?
bats big, anime eyes

(which is actually rather disturbing since I’m a dude)

I watched the first 30 seconds but as there were no kittens I lost interest.

Just why was that a “must see”?

FTR, I thought it was a “must see part of it” & closed the link.

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Kindly post appropriately.

Here’s one:


I think an appropriate question is- what is it you want us to see?

I’m closing all of your topics. This is your last chance. If you make another that is basically just “today is blah blah day!” with a link or a “post a blah blah” content free post, your stay here will be over…because at this point, you’re spamming the boards, have been asked to stop, and seem to be ignoring it.