Official Obama Presidency Prediction Thread

What will happen during the Obama presidency? Here’s your chance to make your predictions known. And imagine if you’re right…You can say “Back in November, 2008 I predicted…Here’s the proof!” And if you’re not right, well, then no one has to know about it.

If possible tell us what to expect re:

Recession or prosperity
Health care
War or peace
2012 election

or any of the above or anything else you’re interested in.

I don’t expect things to go so well. I see no change in inflation for a year or two, then it goes higher; higher unemployment rates; possible textbook definition of recession, but certainly slower growth; no changes in education or crime; health care moves slightly toward more government control; loss of power to Russia and China, no progress on immigration. And Obama re-elected in 2012 by 10% margin.

Let’s try to keep this in IMHO. No need to get into nasty debates; we have two other places to satisfy those urges. Let’s give others a chance to voice their predictions.

I predict Utopia.

**It will continue low, due to the continuing economic problems. **

Much higher - 8-10% for next year, and on into 2010

[li]Recession or prosperity[/li]
**I believe we are already in recession. The deficit will hit $500B by next year, and $800B by the year after that. **

No change

[li]Crime [/li]
Somewhat higher, due to the economic downturn

[li]Health care[/li]
The cost will continue to increase faster than inflation. There will be increased government spending on health care, but no UHC.

[li]War or peace[/li]
**Greatly increased attacks in Iraq once the pull out significantly reduces troop levels. Iran will probably try something early on, to test Obama. He will make many fine speeches about it.

Iran will announce that they have the Bomb in the next eighteen months.

If and when Kim dies, there will be increased trouble on the Korean peninsula.

As the economy deteriorates, Obama will turn more and more toward foreign policy. He will probably announce another push to resolve the situation in the Middle East. Iran will increase funding for Hizbollah and Hamas to forestall this.**

Somewhat reduced by the economic downturn.

[li]2012 election[/li]
**Unless Obama hugely exceeds my expectations for him, he will be a one-term President.

Pelosi, Reid, and Obama will blame the problems of the country on Bush for the next year and a half. Following that, Pelosi and Reid will attempt to shift the blame onto Obama. **

[li]Global Warming[/li]
**Carbon emissions will trend down as the economy stumbles. Obama will announce a push for nuclear energy and increased spending on alternative fuels. The increased spending will happen, but no progress will be made to build new reactors. **[/ul]

This thread goes into some detail on what to expect in the months to come.

I fearlessly (and cynically) predict that President Obama will not survive his first month in office. Some wing-nut Aryan Nations psycho will assassinate Obama before he has a chance to get settled in the White House, much less make any changes.

I also sincerely pray that I am 100% wrong on this prediction.