Officially the World's Most Obnoxious Cell-Phone

I would like to find a nice ring tone that sounds like… a ringing telephone. My phone didn’t come with one, and trying to locate and download one for my particular phone has been fruitless.

If my phone could sound like a phone, it would. Trust me.

Count me in the group that finds this one hysterical. It reminds me of a male version of Peggy Mitchell from EastEnders.

I alternate between “If You Were Gay” from Avenue Q and “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. I don’t think my phone rings enough to really bother anyone, so I’m not worried about it.


I found an old black dial phone circa 1971 at an antique store . Snapped it up, and turned off the techno-birdies-being-raped ringers on my home phones. Sweet!

My cell pimps have an ‘old phone’ ring but it still sounds like it’s played on an cheap Casio. Grrrrrrr

Of course Eve doesn’t know that her neighbor had a bookcase fall on them and are unable to reach the phone to call for help. They’ll starve to death in a few days.
Of course, it will take longer for their cell phone service to be cut off for non-payment.

A bookcase? Them? Highly unlikely.

This is why I keep mine on vibrate.

Okay, how about a stack of empty pizza boxes?

cell phnoe “rings”. :smiley:

D’oh!:smack: Spell check! Always use spell check! PHONE!

I still have one from when I had my first apartment in 1983. Unfortunately I’m all cell no land right now.

My ring tone is “Beep…beep…beep.” I can live with that. The only problem with it is that it sounds like a computer error tone sometimes. Jim suggested a C chord would make a nice ring tone. I might also like a nice harp glissando.

Under Jackmannii Martial Law, this announcement would be programmed into every cellphone, to go off automatically when the user switched to walkie-talkie mode.

My cell phone has the same ring as the one they use on Law and Order. They do that fade-in thing when a character answers the phone, and it always gets me. I don’t really use my phone that often, but I’ve become conditioned. My old phone had programmable custom ringtones, not downloaded ones. I had the theme to “Star Trek: Voyager” as my ring. I miss that phone so.

I had no idea goatse spread that far into the e-commerce market.

Suuuure it is.