Cell phone ringtones

Have the Teeming Millions loaded some unusual ringtones? I thought of a few out-of-the-ordinary tones:

  1. An old-fashioned telephone ringing.
  2. A knock-on-door sound.
  3. A voice yelling, “Someone’s on the phone!” :smiley:
  4. A flushing toilet.
  5. The Tarzan yell (a la Johnny Weissmuller).
  6. The first few bars of the William Tell Overture.
  7. Old-fashioned church bells.
  8. Farting.
  9. Burping.
  10. Reveille.

Mine is Stewie asking Brian to shave his coin purse.

My dad had one of the earlier phones that could do wav or mp3 files (i.e. able to play vocal sounds and recordings.) And as his ringtone he set it to do a rooster’s cockledoodledoo. That one got quite a lot of looks at restaurants as people would look around wondering what the hell, then laughing as they realised what it was.

Sort of a shame he changed it.

I’ve got Chewbacca,

and a few Simpson’s (Evil Homer, Burrito, Dr Nick’s"Hi-Everybody!", and the 32 doh’s)

Chewie rules the phone at the moment.

My dad has a disorder where he’s always coughing stuff up due to something that happened to him in the Army. A family friend (now deceased, unfortunately) had one of those phones that could record ringtones, so he recorded my dad coughing, and set it as the ringtone for my dad.

I dunno, I thought it was funny.


I have one that I want to use, but I have to wait to buy one of those cords to move MP3’s from the laptop to my cell.

It’s the Foamy ringtone from the website. He’s yelling ‘Hey! Follow the sound of my voice and kill whoever’s holding the phone!’

Currently I have a mix I made myself.

Mine is 1) the old fashioned telephone ring

Before I sent my phone in for repair, I used a recording of Sputnik.

Also, when I received a message, I had HAL from 2001 saying “there is a message for you”

I’d like to use Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” (which holds the Guinness record for the shortest song) as my ringtone.

I have a portion of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” (‘The Exorcist’ music). I just love how a pretty little bell tune has such a horror-related association.

Your list is something I’ve seen on every Jamster and Ringtone King! ad since the damnable things came out… :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve got an excerpt from Avenue Q’s “The Internet Is For Porn”

I have a sound clip from Return to Castle Wolfenstein: “Move you fools! Schnell, schnell!” Unfortunately, I had to delete it a while back, and moving things on and off the V710 is a pain if you don’t want to pay Verizon for crippling the phone.

I’ve got “Push It” set as my generic ringtone, but I’ve got Bowling for Soup’s “1985” set as the specific “home” tone.


A friend’s husband likes trains. So the ring tone on his phone is a train chugging up from a distance, and then it suddenly blows its whistle. I can safely say I have never heard a more annoying ring tone. And I like trains.

Not all that weird but mine is Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.

Unimaginative!? I am So!!!

I’m sure it’s not weird or original, but I have AC/DC’s Back in Black. Unless it’s my sister or my best friend and then it’s Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I used to have the old fashioned British phone “ring-ring, ring-ring”.

I’ve had #1, and I know a couple of other people who also do.
I had one very similar to #3: “The phone’s ringing!!!” also had “Yay! I have a text message” when I had text messages come in.

Right now I have an Enigma song when my boyfriend calls, the theme for the Muppet Show when most people call, and “Mah-na-mah-na” when family calls. I made them myself from mp3s I had.

Mine is that special ringtone that only teenagers can hear. The only thing is, my birthday is next week - I’ll be 20. I’ll need to get a new ringtone. Any suggestions?

I’ve got to get around to editing the MP3, but I plan on setting TMBG’s “I Be An Retarded” to play whenever my best mate rings :slight_smile:

I have several sounds and rings I use for all sorts of stuff, and I switch among them pretty frequently. They’re all WAVs or MP3s, and my favorites are:
[ul][li]A mariachi trumpet intro – currently my new message tone[/li][li]The theme from The Price Is Right and that sound for when someone loses[/li][li]A regular phone ring[/li][li]Bananaphone[/li][li]Lindsey Naegle (the Corporate America woman from The Simpsons) saying “I’m a sexual predator” – that gets some stares[/li][li]The Futurama theme – this makes an awesome ringtone[/li][li]The Jetsons doorbell sound[/li][li]The computer from DS9 saying “There is one message waiting for you.”[/li][li]The TNG red alert sound[/li][li]“Tomorrow’s Child”, from Spaceship Earth[/ul][/li]I also have some merengue and Latino pop that I use as ringtones for specific people. I change them fairly often, as my phone can play damn near anything for a ringtone, and getting them on and off is extremely simple – yank the MMC card out, or via Bluetooth, or with the data cable.

And I swear on a stack, whenever I’m in public, it’s knocked down to a simple soft beep with vibrate or just vibrate. I’m not one of those people.