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I prefer to read offline, is this feature going to be offered in the future?

Right now it doesn’t seem likely. Offline capability requires that messages be stored in a database, which is used to generate a download of all the messages you personally haven’t read yet. When you upload replies, AOL’s DB automatically sorts them among the proper threads. The technology we’re using is different - all threads are stored as Web pages, each page containing all the posts in a thread. There is no good way to sort replies. It’s possible some UNIX/Perl genius may figure a way around this problem, but don’t hold your breath. Despite this drawback, a page-based system does offer some major advantages, e.g., quick read, search capability, easy linking to an entire thread (as opposed to one post), etc., and we think you’ll like it once you get used to it.

A side question, what’s the difference between a “member” and a “junior member?”

Three inches.

Seriously, you become a “member” as opposed to a “junior member” after you post a certain number of times. I forget how many.

This was discussed in conference, and there aren’t going to be junior members. While having junior and regular members shows who posts regularly, we don’t want people putting up quantities of posts just to get rid of the “junior member” label.

Unless, of course, the Powers That Be change their minds.

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You know that’s just going to encourage them.
Did you send Vinnie a link to this MB?

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You can read offline if you really want to, but it requires getting other software. There are several “offline browsers” available that will download (cache) “subscribed” sites for you and let you peruse them later. The problem of course is that you can’t REPLY to anything without signing on.

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OpalCat, could you please post, or EM me more info about this?

More Info (by request)
Tucows page of offline browsers:
Some other list of offline browsers: (includes one just for retrieving Dilbert!)
Various offline browsers:

The only one I’ve ever used I can’t remember the name of, and I haven’t recognized in the lists. Doh!

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